Deamonic Tarot reading and Power glyph

greetings everyone

I am offering a free seven card deamonic spread using the following choice of decks:

the necronomicon
ceremonial deck
large thoth deck

each reading will be based on your upcoming new year financially. I will be invoking and channeling(possession?) Belial to preside over each rite. each request will receive their own personal money glyph (sigil) provided by belial.

I’m also thinking about doing a voice recording in mp3…not sure…

first come first serve… rite will be on the 31 of October and on December 22nd.

working with belial these days has been similar to when I was a kid playing around with an old television set to see what made it work… electricity must be respected…

Hi S.V.E i would like a spot, are you okay with that ;D ?

And if i got it right, that would be the only spot… Well the so called destiny has let me to be the first one to claim. ( or maybe there were 2 spots because of 2 dates, well i’m the first on your door anyways)

If there is a second spot, I would be interested S.V.E, especially as I am currently gearing up for some serious financial magick.

I would like a spot S.V.E!

I would like one!

So i would like a spot too please SVE

Is the deamonic spread of your own making? Wouldn’t surprise me in the least xD , and Google brings up nothing. I’m super interested in hearing about it (why the name, for starters?) if you don’t mind sharing.

Please to include me?
it would be very much appreciated <3

please can i have one ?

If there is room for me, I’d love to have one. Thanks:)

I was searching for quite some time on a system of daily practice that would allow me to attune to the Deamons(or demonic). Easier said than done…

While working with EA’s works of darkness I kept feeling there was something left out…something that would allow me to bridge the gap between me and the Deamonic Gods of old. When you begin a search for ascent it usually finds you…and that something was Demonolatry.

Demonolatry was that special someone for me. Devotional workings with these dark lords made perfect sense. Using some of S. Connelly’s works I was able to extract those aspects of her theories into a workable system just for me. Combining EA and Connelly was the perfect blend. However, the only sad aspect of demonolatry is the paganistic/wiccan aspects that have no place in magick. Stripping off the religious factors from these practices is a necessary step in making your own viable system. Individuality within magickal workings is just that …praising the individual as a god in the making, not pure worship.

Do not misunderstand me, I was initiated up to the second degree in the Gardnerian witchcraft tradition(which in itself is a tradition with much speculation)and I loved it however, once you add the religious notions of duality(matron/patron…god/goddess) into the mix you have a religion. where there is religion there is structure, where there is structure you have leaders. once that happens you have what i normally term the 'hole" in “asshole”.

Religion needs to be removed completely and abstained from all works of magick

Practicing thelemic “magick” this past summer, reading the "book of the law’ really brought light on how human beings seem to think they require that religious foundation of worship. why would I worship “AIWASS”?..that was Crowleys HGA, not mine yet,people do.

As to why seven cards that was my own doing at the spur of the moment this past summer. it was intuitive and i just kept it since it seemed to work(i normally only do three cards and even then, i usually work with I-Ching)

I guess at my age I tend to see more clearly the BS that permeates the magickal practices of today. I question everything. Magick is about results and attainment. I am not there yet but at least im moving with my own dedication and perseverance. there is still much to learn.

Most here should be familiar with her work
here are the links

she shares most if not all of her works online for free

her youtube channel is great

Black Flame




Angel Caido




Nine seems to be the lucky number. I can take one more for October and the other nine for December.

PM me only your full birth name,what deck you want me to use,and if there is a specific monetary query you want answered.

I will be invoking(not evoking) the four elemental demons along with the four gatekeepers. lucifer,Belial,Leviathan etc…Azazel,Amaymon,Abaddon,etc…Belial will be invoked and channeled.

Would be honored, especially if I could substitute a magical alias for my name.

Well damn, this looks awesome!

If I could get in on December, I would be very honoured and cooperative good sir!

Thanks SVE this will be quite an event. Will send you my PM as soon as possible.

just completed nine… count it… nine separate divinations and a northern full evocation of belial presiding over the whole rite. for each querant I employed bloodletting as an offering to each one. the results were quite surprising. this is my first time performing multiple readings in one sitting. just finished. will compile later

everyone involved for October please PM your email to me.


Haha, you had me at belial. I’d like a spot in December 22. I hope he influences you to do mine a bit earlier, but whatever.

Im sending out emails to those who provided me with one right now. please check your junk mail folder since I will be attaching two files: 1 word document and a JPEG image with your power “money clip” glyph. I call it a money clip since you will be carrying it on your person(wallet,purse,etc…as a neckless making contact with you is very desirable).

you will need to either print it out or draw it yourself. Consecrate it under Belials name with a black candle and an oil of your choice(use olive oil if there is nothing else available although Abramelin oil seems to be what works for me). If you pin prick your finger and add some blood to it even better but only as an option. You will need to “imprint” your desires unto the image(use visualization).If at all possible, do all of the above on a Sunday evening.

[quote=“Claidheam, post:14, topic:4211”]Well damn, this looks awesome!

If I could get in on December, I would be very honoured and cooperative good sir![/quote]

you’re in for December 22nd