Dealing with Thievery

Recently I was a victim of theft. If there has been any point for me to enact and find my will, through witchcraft, it would be now. My evocation skills are not refined… at all I haven’t practiced it in years… would one enlighten me as to which Daemons/Egoregres or any type of entity I could channel or even make a pact with to not only retrieve and locate my stolen fetish/instruments but also deal with these low life scumbags? Everyone around me wants a piece of them/him I can direct maleific energy for sure but I need these items in my life. Although my evocation skills are perhaps nonexistant this is a huge block in my path of ascension(it will be overcome one way or another) and this threat is important for me to deal with. I feel an evocation of mine of any sort will be successful in some way at this point, but I have yet to preform any because of my nature to show the highest respect to these entities I want to work with - that means preforming ritual very precise and smoothly. Conjurations or any type of majick(not just black) would be most appreciated right now.

I changed the title… any insight on appling magick to this objective case of returning my instruments would be great, I have a good idea of what to do tho, BTW I don’t know who took them

Two things come to mind. It could be either of these or something completely different.

It’s possible that it is thievery of the common kind and it would be a situation to examine how that manifested such that others can show up and take your stuff. That would be a reminder to check your wards and guardians or whatever you use.

It’s also possible you are being led out of your dependency upon it. That the thieves are being compelled by something in service to you, to further your ascent by forcing you into a situation where you need to succeed without your focus objects.

I’d start with some divination to clarify the situation and then make a decision about what to do.

Ive done some pretty helpful tarot readings 2/3 days ago, it could be either really… but I directed my readings on what step to take. An interpretation of my reading could be that an important factor that led me to that point was being my mind getting caught in the revelations of magick… collectively as a species… and then to not take into consideration that I have not placed wards in that vehicle persay or that these objects are actually not necessary - I have tried to minimize what is needed in my life for ascent and nobody-nothing shall stand in my way.

The conclusion I brought from my reading was that I didn’t take into consideration that I parked my car in an area where there was not a camera at work and left my valuables inside, I don’t know who did it. It was in fact 2 guitars that were stolen from me in this situation, I’m sorry if I was being cryptic but I’m interested in how to deal with thieves as a whole but this particular instance definitely spurred on something inside me… but there is another situation with a thief who practices the lefthand path or did at one point… who I only met once that needs to be dealt with.

Anyways I’m still open to advice for how to approach this situation, I’m going to be putting a working into my life tomorrow and what I drew from my tarot reading was to make an emphasis on the aspect of Lilith who I haven’t really worked with before tomorrow night, specifically of opening a gateway for her energy to swallow me. An emphasis of the aspect of water in this ritual, it would be amazing if someone can grant me insight on using water to open a gateway - the flow of my magick! I’m going to do some research right now and enjoy my night, cheers

The goetic spirit andromalius is your guy. I’d use “modern goetic grimoire” method to evoke him

[quote=“Thesombra, post:5, topic:3593”]The goetic spirit andromalius is your guy. I’d use “modern goetic grimoire” method to evoke him[/quote] Thanks for the recommendation ill check it out, I have yet to check out mastering evocation because of a lack of funds