Dealing with stubborn enemies

Hello everyone,
I’ve been dealing with a stubborn enemy for over 6 months. A woman who hates me because her man fell in love with me, although I’m not even talking to or have interest in him.
She might be doing spells herself but has also hired someone to work on me constantly.
I’m the beginning I was using only defensive magick in the hopes that she would get tired at some point but it looks like she’s made it her life mission to bring me down, even though I don’t know her or she me. She seems like she has some mental problem and has an illusory war going on in her head. So she went increasingly hard in her attacks seeing that she couldn’t take me down.
I realize I should use some offensive magick and I did. However she’s still not stopping.
I’ve been told she spent a lot of money on a sorcerer to work on me already.
At this point I’m not sure what to do. It seems like she doesn’t have anything better to do in her life than this. I however have better things to do than spend my time on this bullcrap.
It just seems like a game of strategy at this point.
Any advice?