Dealing with people with stereotypes

I have a coworker who found out that I practice magick, I have always been nothing but nice to this person more so than my other coworkers are to this person. Today he had a customer ask for a pen and was hesitant to hand them one of mine. Later he asked if I had cursed them, I know most of this response was from fear and ignorance but what do you say to people like that?

Side note: I am in a very Christian area of the county and this would probably the nicest response I would get from someone. I don’t want to be cruel to him but this has me angry this morning. Any ideas?


People on here do actually curse for reasons like “fuckdam customers always stealing my pens” or “I hexed all the pens to backfire on religious people/glitter bomb them with supernatural things” so it’s not really an inaccurate stereotype, maybe the best thing is to explain that you do magick, like people who pray or who have superstitions, for positive reasons, trying to help yourself and your loved ones, and if he doesn’t think you’re a jerk in general, why should he think you’re a jerk with magick?

Keep it grounded and not about the magick, just the people, is what I’m trying to say. :smiley:


Thanks I just am not that great with things like this… it would probably be less of an issue if it was someone else …

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Similar country like mine, die in laugh where is hardest christians there is so much brainwashed ppl. I remember when i buyed crystals some christians thinked its black magic stuff lmao

They’ve been robbed of their spiritual inheritance and put in mental prisons, even as they worship a dude who literally too the world’s first ever selfie:

They need help, but they’re so frightened, they’re just trying to protect you from harm.


Sterotypes exist for reasons. I can only tell you to toughen up and joke with them. I usually keep my occult practices quiet as i dont want to explain it. Joking helps to smooth the rough convos lol imo anyway

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take it as a joke, sadly many LHP and witchtokers are the reason for those stereotypes with curses and hexes for petty stuff. I’ve had people hold their fingers up as crosses when they found out and I only laughed and they laughed with me.

I’m not even a witch or “lhp” but it tends to affect many not within the labels, so it’s understandable for the stereotype to be perpetuated.

Laugh it off, it’ll lean to a better outcome than letting it put you in your feelings.


The anger stems from pain of being misunderstood/misrepresented. Completely understandable, and one I know well. However, it becomes a force for real change when directed productively to address the issue it stems from. So, the best way to do that would be to do two things. The first one is to explain to them why their assumption is painful and how saying that is as painful as claiming stereotype againist Christians (such as being backwards idiots that have no value to the march of human prpgress) without bothering to get to know one. The second is to explain how curses are a way to give power back to those who have been stripped of it and greatly harmed (doesn’t matter if you truly believe that, we are using a form of manipulation here), much like some of their Psalms, and that the customers do not fit that criteria, therefore there is no reason for you to do so. You can sweeten it by saying that, if anything, you have blessed the pens for those who use them to have a good day, regardless of what God they believe in.

You will need to keep your voice and the atmosphere calm while you do so. In the past, I would buy the individual lunch or a drink so there was a reason to sit down and have a conversation about it.


This would be ridiculous but if it were some stranger I’d tell them I sacrifice goats to my lord Satan and have sex parties and orgies in dedication to my supreme leader Baphomet and watch their priceless reaction and then burst out laughing. But because it’s a coworker it’s a more dangerous situation because they could smear your name if they haven’t done already. I would cut all contact with this person if anybody asks about what this coworker said just say what? What are you talking about? And laugh. And then continue with life as before. These people don’t deserve our energy. If they confront you about it it’s usually to attack or do harm not because of a misunderstanding.

I wonder how that happened.



He saw something I had printed that I was moving from my book to my purse.

“Why would I curse a pen?” is exactly what I’d say, haha.

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Pretty much lol

I’d have said no, we’re in the middle of a pandemic…but now that you mention it…

Damn! I thought it was a Jungian psychological tool to enhance innate concentration or a visual device that allows you to project your hatred and angst into it.



My advice is keep your calm even if it’s hard and follow Lady Eva’s advice, tell them no you didn’t curse the pens, you do magick to help people etc. etc. You don’t need to tell them everything though.

I wouldn’t make jokes like “Yes I did curse them hahaha” because that will not help you at all if you have to work with that person everyday.