Dealing with my own Conscience

Just wanted to get an answer to my pondering if it’s possible to make a pact with A Demon or some other Common Spirit to completely wipe someone’s conscience or what just in general what would be the easiest way to go about this

You can likely suppress your ability to make moral decisions, but you can’t exactly get rid of it, even through magick. The conscience or, as neuroscience defines it, the neural network for moral decision-making, is domain-global, meaning that it is not defined by a specific, individual area of the brain and actually overlaps with other important network brain functions. Only severe traumatic brain injury seems able to alter the ability for moral decision making. Psychopaths, those who have no conscience, are born with brains that don’t have the specific neural network for it.

You could try the exercises in the Psychopath’s Bible by Christopher Hyatt to suppress that particular neural function.

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