Dealing with disappointing results in Magick

@Tuxedo-cat do you meditate regularly? I dont all the time formally meditate unless im really pushing for something. But its definately good to. You know maybe this shitty job thing is just part of that journey to get what you truly desire. One thing i know about this world is you gotta fight tooth and nail to get what you want. Be grateful man, its hard to even get a job some places.

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yes I did this I made a list of things I wanted in my new job , out of which I only got 2 things 1- close to where I live (I live in the central business district and didn’t apply for anything out of it , it’s still a 20 minute walk in compare to my old job which was 8 minutes walk but im ok with that anyway) 2- no weekend work!

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yes I was hardcore in to law of attraction stuff for 13 years before I started working with demons . so meditation comes naturally, and my focusing is very good. The things is if i still have to be happy with what I got and take it as a part of journey than why magick? praying to god got me the same results. this whole being led in to a change only to get disappointed later is exactly why i left religion and later the teachings of the secret that you can do or be anything.


Magick works in accordance to your mindset. Mind is everything. Your reality is made out of thoughts. Change thoughts, change reality. Magick really is kind of an amped up law of attraction. It works under the same law, and really everything does.


Here is your problem.

Stick to one entity for one job. Maybe the entities you choose don’t work together.

  1. Write down what you really want. Date etc…
  2. Assign the task to a spirit due invocation or evocation.
    Give an offering …. So mote it be… etc…
  3. Ask if the spirit accept the tasks (divination).
  4. Forget the ritual, don’t focus to much on the result. Instead listen to your gut.
  5. Put in the effort, you already did it one time (ending the job).
    Another thing could be follow a free training online…

Forget the Sigil, I have used Theodore Rose’s book, “Lucifer and the Hidden Demons,” with good results. It is all about pathworking to Lucifer and the Legion of Demons. All kinds rituals to change yourself.