Dealing with Cowards

For quite sometime I’ve been dealing with some anonymous cyberstalkers who have taken it upon themselves to destroy me psychologically, emotionally. They are very good at not doing anything technically illegal and the authorities refuse to help me. They’re computer savy (i’m not). They continually do all they can to gather information on me and use it to destroy my reputation via slander, one has even boasted that he’s going to get me put into prison. I would use some curses to deal with these people but I do not know their real names, nor do I have pictures of them.

They’re like a pack of wolves. i can’t fight them using mundane means, Ive tried ignoring them and it doesn’t work, they’re open about what they’re doing and I can’t find any allies in the physical realm to help me, whenever people do decide to help me they see the extent that these cowards go to and they become frightened and decide to no longer be my ally.

I really need some advice on how to deal with these people. They’ve ruined relationships for me, cost me jobs, and even got me 5150’d at one point. They will not stop untill they are dead. Any suggestions on what curse and what spirit to use in regards to this problem?

Thank you!

Ritual for protection to get protected + attack to anyone trying to ruin you (Astral Bomb or Omnipotent Protective Barrier of Light are my choices)

Ritual for discovering hidden things (evocation of great duke Eligos from Goetia), so to discover your anonymous coward true identity

Good luck on your goal

You are only telling us half the story, what did you do to deserve this?

Sorry my enghlis is not good,are ya the guy who kill a wowen in 43 days,i tnk i saw/ read post,anyway,if ya need help,i tnk ya going to need a very fast way go do far i knw,spifts send to mill.will take,btween,3-11 read koetng books,and test it.

I said things they didn’t like. then again, im not responsible for other peoples feelings

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Fair enough Nick, it is my experience that a group of people dont generally start fucking with an individual without some provocation, not that it really matters.

I have used Dra’talon from the Book of Azazel with success, but as zorrito says, it can take some time, over 12 months in the case of my victim. I am not sure how to speed it up but am thinking next time, which will be soon, I will do a poppet binding first to remove any defences and make the victim as valnerable as possible so Dra’talon can have his fun quicker and more effectively and hopefully finish the job sooner.

Nick, its a book,from basil crouch.called,revenge cost,$24. Usa,i supose ya live i Portugal/ brasil.the success of instant,tat book say.its from finbarr international.try it.tat guy,was a powerful black magician.get the book,asap,and post results,otherwise ya be in deep trouble,Google finbarr internatkonal.and get it.and pay xpress shiping.tis is my best advice,

Thats it! Well put the fool. Those bullies usually sociopaths well considered by the bosses, so its necessary to unmask them, even recording them and uploading to youtube.

But magickally you gotta use all your arsenal, hoodoo evil jar just fckd up some of my last bullies (you know, illnesses took possesion of them and their families)

Also black candles and my last discovery pyramid magick very efective (thoughtform incubator) for anything

PS: my mobile autocorrector, doesn’t correct at all, sorry for the ortography looool

no disrespect but you don’t know what you’re talking about.[/quote]

Really? I said ‘it is my experience…’ and you say I dont know what I am talking about? So I dont know my own experiences? Good one Fool.

no disrespect but you don’t know what you’re talking about.[/quote]

Really? I said ‘it is my experience…’ and you say I dont know what I am talking about? So I dont know my own experiences? Good one Fool.[/quote]

Bullies dont need a reason to start ruining other peoples life… Are you a bully? Lol

No, but I have been bullied, mostly due to my smart mouth :). Why do bullies target a particular someone over others?

fool’s got it.

The authorities don’t do anything, though. They protect them, some actually even actively support them. You don’t have to do anything wrong for that. Turns into a real witch-hunt at times. Angry mob in the streets and all. Lies do the trick every time.

They don’t need reasons. They are jealous, afraid of what you can do with your life that they don’t have the guts for, they can’t get over the fact that you didn’t want to date them, they really hate when someone doesn’t need as much outside validation as them… bogus like that.
The worst and most lasting of them can’t even tell you that much of a reason. They just don’t like you. Some say “you deserve it” but they can’t say why.

They’re unhappy with their own lives and have too much time. They get obsessed. Over decades.

And with this base people believe any crap they tell them and join the hunt.

That’s not helpful at all, is it.

I understand now, lol, just kidding. Id sum up in 3 words: fear, jealousy, socyopathy

Totally agree, devils/angels are the best in strategy. I owe them keep my actual job nowadays

Well, now they found this place.
corky planes to curse his enemies…
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"on a ea koetting satanic forum site, Nick Bravo, that is the user name he is going under. He states he plans to curse his enemies… check it out guys:

i cant post links cause i am a new member, but if you go to EA koettings website and check out his forum, the user Nick Bravo, and see the thread titled dealing with cowards

Remember Nick Bravo says in his videos that he is NOT a Satanist…"

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