Dealing with a narcissist - need help immediately

Hey guys. For a while I have been living with someone (I’ll call him Lucius) who I already know is a Defcon 5 narcissist. I have plans for him, but they can not be deployed until right before we move out (in about a month).

The problem is how to best neutralize him while we still live here. Today he started in early and just hammered away. He went out for a bit then when he came back, he started up again ( literally within 30 seconds of walking in the door). He’s never been this bad. I really don’t care since I’m working toward moving out soon, but since my mindset has changed I just really don’t want to deal with it anymore.

A couple of facts that may matter:

  • Andras is my guardian and I have asked him to not mess with Lucius’ home as long as we are living with him. Andras protects us and since he has appointed that for himself I think he should be left to it.

  • The day before we move out I’m going to do the Insidious curse that EA shared. I decided not to do it while we were still living here because I did not want to get caught up in any collateral damage.

  • He is advanced in his years and recently had (insignificant) surgery. However, I am not anxious to do something that would put him back in the hospital because that would put more on me and my son.

  • I have recently discovered NAP and found Butterball’s Offensive Armor Ritual, which means that I can include Lucius in with my husband. The only thing that I’m concerned about is that it might take a lot of time to start. He runs his mouth a lot and his goal is to get into our heads and make us feel like shit about ourselves. He has a really bad history which is why I’m doing the Insidious curse on him once we move out (a great many people will have better lives). I just want him to shut his fucking mouth while we are still living here.

  • He’s a misogynist and I am a female. I can’t go into any more detail or else it would be very easy to realize who he was if someone came across this. He put his female dog down not because she was sick or anything, but because she was old and when he came home she didn’t jump around (I’m going to get the vet who did it, too).

  • Ignoring him and/or giving him oatmeal flavored responses rarely works because he’s desperate for laughs and any other positive responses that other kinds don’t work. I am drained after years of doing this. The old me was able to walk that line, but I can’t do it anymore.

P.S. Ending him can’t happen while we live here, hence the Insidious curse. I’m not averse to it, but it can’t happen while we live here.


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2 approaches.

  1. Grey rock him so as not to provide him with fuel from your reactions either positive or negative. Be as boring as possible and quiet. Talk about laundry and baking if you have to in a mundane voice so he gets bored to death. This has gotten rid of many a Narc.

  2. Create a doll in his image built on his photograph with a binding ritual, ‘baptise’ in his image and use a Demon to strengthen it. Then pee on it for domination of it and him. Bind it in cord, chuck inflammatory confusion powder on it and pull it out every night to do this ritual. When he has gone or calmed down and left you can burn it.

I know Narcs well, had 3 in my life (yuk)


Ending people usually takes a while, I don’t think it’s a big risk to start the process early.

While waiting… maybe try a freeze spell, or if you can’t have a physical poppet lying in the freezer since he’ll find it, I would try something from Angels of Wrath (Gordon Winterfield) like ‘Bring Spiritual Blindness’ - which isn’t quite how it sounds - or ‘Cause Memory Loss’ or do a spmathetic candle magik working, or try Kiltan (Nether from BoA) to persuade him he needs to lovebomb right now not be the punisher… or all of the above.

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Ok. But what if said person is a Psychopath that is completely convinced all your Reactions and Non-Reactions are because Satanism and that Jesus will save you…so s/he keeps bringing you before Jesus. Do you have any of those type of stalkers?

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I think maybe the second one I can do. I edited my original post to explain bit more. You’re such a doll, thank you. xo

I’ve done a lot of reading and sometimes things do happen quickly. I honestly don’t want to be in the crosshairs of anything like that. But I will reconsider it.

I have the Angels of Wrath book. I did some of the rituals in it, but none seemed to have worked. I can of course try again.

I have been so emotional for so long; but now that I have stripped the emotions away, I can concentrate on results. Thank you for the suggestions.

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I just read the Dog part and felt anger rise. I wish you the best in dealing with this piece of shit :angry:

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I would have moved out and just left him alone after, but he’s one of those who doesn’t know when to stop. That is why I can’t subscribe to that happy dappy “love and light” bullshit anymore. Everyone doesn’t believe in or live by that. There are truly evil people out here. If I could post more you could see what a serious piece of garbage I am dealing with (if killing his dog because she didn’t perform for him wasn’t enough).