Dealing with a jealous succubus


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Hhhhmmmm…using my experience in communications and various interactions, I would say a sit down (offer her a drink like you would any guest) and talk things out.
Perhaps simply asking what the root cause would be too easy, but it seems like alittle assurance that’s shes the only one for you could be something to put out there (if that’s your thing). Stating that the way she expresses herself to you is painful and that you would think she would understand what it’s like to be hurt in a manner of fashion. Things like that could be a good way to get the ball rolling and get around to understanding her more (not that I’m doubting you but I’m not you either).
Do you cuddle or perhaps in other ways spend time together? One of the things my wife seems to enjoy is simply being near me with a movie on (although it seems to me that’s shes more on her phone than into the movie). It could be that she wants time with you and if you are spending time with her, she wants more as it could be that it’s not enough for her.
Oh!! Compliments are nice too and a gift as well. Maybe even her own little shrine of sorts could be good way to understanding her and what she wants.
I have more but I’ll leave it off at here for now and let things get read.


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There is option that it could be some imposter telling you that it is “your succubi”
And other that it is really her, talk with her about it and tell simply that if she will constantly hurt you, she will leave you, just kick her out lol.
It could be also that she is really departed to talk with you and spend more time.


First of all of course talk with her about it, explain everything and how do you feel.


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LOL! I’ll admit, she sounds like quite the catch Zam! I’d be lying somewhat I’m alittle envious you have someone who’s going as far as she is :smiley:

For starters (and again, based off of various experiences, observations, and acquired bits and pieces of wisdom/knowledge) when “that” moment of intimacy comes…she will have to be the one to take the reins. But until it comes to that, YOU are to be the one to start. And to do that, give her a kiss, to show her she is loved. Then another for the hell of it and tell her something she needs to hear. And keep going, more kisses and less talking or commenting until you 2 are flat out making out.

Touching is an absolute mandatory required must. It’s a connection that bridges you 2 together and conveys whole chapters of feelings and thoughts with the simplest of touches. So you absolutely have to touch. Where to start? Never been intimate with a spirit unfortunately, so what I can offer ends here but I would think a desire to hold her hand or bring her closer to you might be a good start. Then let the feelings and desires go take it from there.

I have no idea if you guys take my advice and get lucky to reach 3rd base today or tomorrow, but once there, again, she will have to take charge. As in the end itll be symbolic of her trust in you and her own strength to overcome her fears to be with you in union.