Dealing with a huge low guys

I’m feeling like something is draining all my energy I had a huge event which change a status of one of my one of my closest relationships. Wondering how to climb out of this hole. I’ve become anti social to all people in my life and I understand this is not good behavior. I’ve been in the house for 3 days straight with just water and a bit of food. LBRP doesn’t seem to be working. I’ve called upon my Ancestors for help.


Try this:

If you drink coffee, make sure to keep drinking the normal amount of it, caffeine withdrawal can make things worse.


If you have nature around you then go for a walk and try connect with the spirits of the forest. I was a very emotional person when I was younger and it was getting in the way, with help from my spirits I was able to learn mind control, control over feelings and this ability just kept growing. Now I can deal with anything quite easily and it doesn’t steal my time.I would recommend learning to control your feelings. Also,try to continue doing what you normally do, even if it feels wrong, that can help. Good luck ! Be STRONG !


How did you lean mind control ? Any tips sorry for off topic ,
Also maybe you’re just transforming , it may sound like hell for now but in your darkest times a human being truly evolve , stay strong dude :slight_smile: may be time for a change in ur life who knows

I’ve got a few gems hear that might help but if your unsure then when you go to the store just hold the gem in your hands for a few seconds and see how you feel.

Black tourmaline: protection, cleanses chakras
Shungite: powerfully cleanses chakras
Jade: improve moods and bring joy
Amethyst: raises vibration and protects
Rainbow moonstone: energises the soul
Chiastolite: good for bring harmony to chaos

Remember to cleanse and charge them daily!

Cleanse them by either burning herbs and woods under them such as palo santo or white sage or by using white energy.

Charge them by either putting them in the sun or the waxing moon just be aware some may be damaged by the sun but black tourmaline and Shungite should be fine or you can use gold energy to charge them.

Thanks you Lady_Eva today was slightly better

Very interesting. I’m not very grounded and in my natal chart I don’t have any earth except for Neptune in Capicorn.

I am sorry you’re having a rough time. I have been there and it sucks for sure. The good news is it ALWAYS gets better. Put the work in to change your situation. It won’t always be easy, but it is ALWAYS worth the effort. We see you. You are going to be okay.

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Thanks Rondmc222