Deal with Lucifer dream

The other night I invoked Lucifer with his sigil, enn, and some offerings. I didn’t feel his presence or anything but I placed the sig I drew on a canvas under my bed and asked him to appear or give me any signs in my dreams. While I was sleeping, I believe I traveled to the astral plane, where I crossed a bridge into his domain as if I were dead. I was greeted by a friendly old woman who told me I shouldn’t be there because I wasn’t dead and I told her that I was looking for Lucifer. She let me go but told me to hurry. While looking for him, I saw many people roaming in what looked like a hallway. They were content and looked as if they were busy working. I entered the first room I found and another woman, younger, but a little mean, told me I had to go. I said I would but I wanted to come back to see Lucifer. She said no, and if I stayed any longer, I wouldn’t be able to return to my own plane. Then she offered me a deal. She said I could leave the plane and live my life with what I asked of Lucifer, which was to teach me the magick I wanted to learn and to have a relationship with him in general, if I agreed to return permanently when my youngest child is 21. That’s 15 years from now. I said ok and I crossed back over the bridge to my own plane and I woke up. Can someone please tell me if this is even something Lucifer would offer, if it was real, or if it was just my very creative imagination?


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That actually happens a lot to many members.

Well, when something like that happens (sleeping with Lucifer’s sigil or summoning Lucifer before sleep or telling him to appear in your dreams), always such wierd things happen and people are trying to find out what’s going on.

So, the thing is, that you can’t be forced like that to stay somewhere forever. The soul is free to go wherever it pleases. Even trapping one’s soul, is impossible if the soul knows what is going on.

Everyone has its own experiences, but I don’t think it was something Lucifer would say though. Lucifer is the one who always wants us to be free, so I don’t think that he’d aprove for someone to suggest you to stay somewhere forever. Plus, the dead go to the above dimensions, the same goes with those who astral travel (or even soul travel) or those who dream. So, there’s not an exclusive area for the dead, unless your mind made one. So, unless Lucifer shaped your dream to show you something specific, it could be another spirit trying to trick you (probably just to have fun) or perhaps something like a sign.

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Will do!

If it was a sign or perhaps symbolism of some sort, would you have any idea how to interpret it? Or anyone here? Also, what would a spirit tricking me have to gain from something like this if it were one.

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I currently have no idea. But if it was a sign or he wanted to tell you something by it, then you should try to see some things about you that the dream may be touching.

There are many lower spirits that may try to scare you, or feed from your energy, etc. But you shouldn’t worry about them. Banishing does the trick here.

It is indeed a message from your patron spirit or deity and seems straight forward, setting a time frame for you with you maturing with your magical abilities and maturity level with your goals in life.

Bridges signify a new start, transition, change. A bridge, regardless of the fact if you were just looking at it, or crossing it, is often a symbol of commitment to change.

To see an old woman in one’s dreams are a positive omen, seeking your inner voice and what you need to do in the waking world.The old women represent’s paying more attention to your feelings and emotions moving forward with your true goals and ambitions.

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I really don’t have a patron spirit or deity as I’ve just mainly practiced my own witchcraft without. Lucifer would be my choice though if I were to choose and I’m hoping that my dream was symbolic through Lucifer and not literal through some sort of trickster. I feel most drawn to Lucifer. I have my whole life; I’ve just been afraid because of my Christian upbringing. I’m not afraid now and that’s why I talked to him. I haven’t seen him or felt his presence thus far but I am hoping to as I draw closer.

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