Deal with a rich girl

Hello amzing forum
I need help in this case from all members so my situation is that I love a rich girl by she don’t love me, im not asking for a love spell but what do you think how can I make her obsessed over me . I love her but I also want to be rich in this game
Thanks and pls don’t judge me
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Sallos can bring lovers . Gremory or Duke Dantalion

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Ladilok is pretty effective, though rather intense. She’s known as Enslaving demoness. To quote Kingdoms of hell “She will ensnare the thoughts and deepest feelings of any woman desired with incredible ease”

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Please note that, since you have already stated that she doesn’t love you, that any magick you do to ensnare her will be short lived.

Depending on the strength of her will, the opportunity to take advantage of her may be brief, so keep that in mind.


Thanks for advice , I understand but I believe that is a solution for every problem and for this also

Your best course of action, in my opinion, is to coax love to develop, rather than trying to force it. If you coax it along naturally, it is far more likely to last long term if that is what you want. If there is any sort of spark of love in her, you can fan it into a fire.

Obsession spells can backfire spectacularly and can make you obsessed with the target instead of the other way around. Also, they are not a one shot deal. To create obsession will require a lot of work on your part. Influencing her dreams, always being in her proximity, influencing conversations so your name always comes up. Essentially, you will have to stalk her, which is where the danger of obsession comes in because this is where stalkers become obsessed with their targets.

Work with Nichsa, the Elemental King of Water, who has influence over all emotion.

As was recommended by @Akashiel Ladilok can help enslave her but Her influence isn’t permanent.

Any demon of Lust can fan the flames of obsession, but again, their influence will be short lived.

Plan carefully, and good luck.


Why should her wealth be of any consequence, indeed why mention it if you have your own law firm as you say?

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I think it may have to do with the family, that they’re a rich family with a different attitude altogether.

HermesHorse , trust me is complicated

Clearly you are abuse magick, you want a rich girl fell for you as gain her family wealth.

Highra as I say pleas don’t jjudge me and is more complicated than this

Evoke Belial, Paimon and Beleth at the same time.

Beleth has more to do with emotions and Paimon and Belial with money.

If you have chosen emotional manipulation as the means of channeling wealth to you, then its a tumultuous path, this girl may have protective relatives or friends.

You will need to take account of all possible obstacles first.Do your homework first.

Also, rich people don’t always have control on their money.Their parents or guardians or managers do so.Keep that in mind too, so you don’t do all the hardwork for free.

Again, please remember this is all hardwork.Emotional manipulation is hard work, and a lot of drama.Make sure you have the nerves for it.


Abuse magick yea no such thing. That’s like saying karma exists lol

it’s giving an open invitation to calamity
it does not bode well for the one who does the inviting

in all sincerity : ask yourself
the person that hates you, why do you want them to love you? What will you do to accomplish it? If the answer includes self sacrifice , I doubt it was worth the whole effort if the ultimate result is them hating you with greater passion and greater devotion :stuck_out_tongue:
but that’s just my idea

@FrauHolle I’m not sure why you replied to me with this…

Be careful with what you wish for. Obsession is no joke.

Others have mentioned Spirits you can work with.

Do you want a lover or a slave?

Sitri and Sallos for lust and love.

Ladilok for…other purposes…

Do as you will…