Deal Maker lady

I was in the astral realm with my old roommate last year. Im not sure if he had ever been there before. Its open land with a house. Ive been alot. Anyway, he was there to ask a couple men some questions. A woman was leaning against a house, the only house thats there. When she saw him, she started to approach him, taking off her shirt and pants as she was walking lol Anyway, she started talking to him and he was basically refusing her. The men told him that no one gets out of making a deal with her and they laughed knowingly. I asked him what she wanted the next morning. He said he couldnt really remember but it was maybe something she saw within him or something he could do.
Anyone else encounter her? Who she is?


Nope but I am intrigued

The only one I know of that makes deals or pacts is Lucifuge so this chick is a WTF kinda thing to me lol Lucifuge is supposed to be a dude :wink:

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From my experience all demons are looking to make deals. Especially when they sniff out a neophyte. Thats just me though.

Oh sex is a man made thing. Many of them are women but described by man as men. Back then giving a woman that sort of power was unheard of.

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Have read and heard the same about goddesses or dieties being given male gender and name :slight_smile: I have seen this chick do alot with many men lol and skill does have something to do with the deals.

Seems I have been following her around for some time lol

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These visions are usually responses to your last ritual and from the last Deity you prayed too. Lucifuge or Lucifer are deitys that are incorporate beings that can take on both sexes depending on what the deity decides will most influence you.