Dead Pets becoming spirit guides

So one of my cats died and I can feel/see him and multiple people have said I can call upon him whenever I want. What do you guys think?

I petitioned Hecate to bring one to me so I could say goodbye to her. I don’t see why they couldn’t choose to stick around, if they wanted.

I’m one of his videos, Behemoth-X talks about feeling a dog on his couch as he was laying on it and hearing the back screen door open and close. It didn’t have a screen door on it, but used to. His wife’s grandfather used to have a dog and it was his old house they were in.


Cool. Thank you so much.

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It was a very traumatic death. He died of a heart attack the day after going to the vets and when we got him back his behavior was different.

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I love Behemoth-x