Dead end

So i am literally at that point where i am finding it difficult to find reasons for evocation. Like i have everything that i want and need.

What is next?

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Working on purely spiritual Ascension?


What about other people in your local community or the world at large?

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Wow…count yourself so fortunate!! Amazing to be in that position! Help others!! Mentorship?? :wink:


Destroy it all and bring it all back again

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But to what end with spiritual ascension?

Do evocations for me :wink: I’ll happily accept it !money, love, health, travel …everything!


I would mentor, but everything has its price.

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Oh id accept money too.

I like the way you think

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Spiritual ascension is unending. There is always another level to reach, so I guess it is up to you as to how far you want to take it.

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To be honest, you don’t really need (constant) evocations to became better anyway, so it isn’t really surprising that you can’t find any reason to do it.

. . . Like i have everything that i want and need.

It depends on what do this mean.
For some people evocate spirits only to solve their everyday life problems and getting from Them what they want, which isn’t really about evolution but you can feel like “ok I’m got everything I don’t need them anymore”. (Probably this example isn’t true in your case)

As I’ve always said and I won’t change my mind: Satisfaction is a harmful state - which isn’t motivates you to move forward and became more, better, you are always can go for a higher level.

What Dark said, is true.
Your evolution and ascension are unending, so you can find something you can work on it. You don’t need to put your focus on “evoking” spirits.

Silencing your mind can help you, sometimes the big “ideas” and “visions” coming from there, beyond the “mind”. Mentoring and supporting people can help you in finding cases, where before or after you’ll find something what requires that kind of knowledge and power what you could work on.


Right. To me that would seem to be the next step after you’ve got the rest of your mundane life squared away and good to go.

Let’s see how things works out!

When you find your reasons for this come to a standstill…
Commune with them.
Ask them what THEY can teach or inspire you next.
Then wade out deeply into that Ancient pool and stir the waters.
Never allow “plenty and sufficiency” be a platform for stagnancy:)

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Personally. I feel the need to throw curses and hurt people. If only to exact justice on those that wronged me

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Why? Do you not have EVERYTHING?

As to evolving? Evolve to what? In a state of existence where there is always something more or less than what you are in infinite myriads of directions and conditions, then what is the point of “evolving”. One does not stay static and change comes no matter what your choice input is. One may want or “need” but fleeting or venal desires will alway end in temporary conditions. When have you ever been the same as from say 1 trillioneth of a nanosecond ago to when you were created? Change happens and wants and desires will also change. And all decays and changes. The ego wants to hoard and grow but it will be eaten away either in an instant or slowly over “time.”

Any choice one makes will eventually be lost in the annals of existence. The importance is only important to the awareness of that self ego. 100% of that outside of you is not concerned for your desires as change happens and nothing will eternally be the same.

That is, unless you can prove otherwise; which i doubt anyone can.

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