Dead Bankers

I wonder if someone had enough of the banking scheme.

Quite a feat, of it was one in the community doing it. Hats off to whoever pulled that off.

I would like to see a bigger population to see if it really is all that out of the ordinary.


So they take out million-dollar life insurance on their employees and wack’em when they get out of line. And don’t forget that most of these banks would literally barely break even in annual profits if it weren’t for “public subsidies.”

Am I the only one here that actually like bankers?

Well, I certainly find the way the markets work pretty fascinating, and I’m not sure how many people realise they underpin E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G including state pensions and welfare, defence, healthcare (state and private) and so on… people also forget that the fertile soil the 2008 crisis was growing in, was a large number of ordinary people, the 99%-ers, taking out mortgages on properties they couldn’t really afford in hopes to acquire an asset that would increase in value and turn them a profit.

I’m not moralistic about greed, compared to a lot of my friends I’m actually fairly Gordon Gecko on the topic, and I do understand why people took that step of trying to upgrade into home-ownership and asset growth instead of simply renting something they could afford…

I’m just pointing out that the excesses we see, whether it’s huge companies polluting the earth, conflicts in the oil producing nations, or an unstable financial system that crashed and produced some crippling poverty and austerity, it’s the worker-ant majority whose aspirations it echoes, and as a few successful product boycotts have shown, when demand dries up policies change right up to the top of the chain.

We’ve each got a hand in this and we’ve each got the power to make small changes that would completely change the planet’s power structure, but it’s easier to pin things onto conspiracies and feel justified in taking no action at all.

The fact the political scene is dominated by a “left/right” split, as though any overarching philosophy can successfully address something so complex, doesn’t help matters at all since people don’t get to vote for what they want most of the time, but for the least-bad option.

/rant :o)

Economics, education, politics, religion, the environment; doesn’t matter which one you refer to…They are nebulous. Even, incestuous. Follow the money. Follow the people. Follow the energy.

Unfortunately, the necessary critical thinking skills and processes are no longer taught, let alone one being encouraged to be an “outside the box thinker.”

This is one of the major reasons there is greater and greater disparity between the haves and have nots. Throw in no personal responsibility and victimization…and viola. There are the top nightly news stories.

Sorry…don’t mean to be negative:)

Yes, they belong to groups.

As a matter of fact, having someone to think out of the box can be a human-bomb. We have to accept that most of our brethen humas are just cattle and will just shit everywhere out if they try to be more than that.

And people who is capable of bringing improvement by thinking out of the box do that naturally, they dont need other people patting them on the back and saying to go on.

There are A Lot of human cattle. Some are truly spiritual infants, some apathetic, and some truly ignorant. AND, there are those who can think outside of the box on their own. Though, it is very rare.

I’m of the mind set that higher level critical thinking is a skill (much like the occult and numerous other endeavors) that one can improve upon with insight, input, knowledge, and experience…Even from others. It is not effective nor efficient to keep reinventing the wheel.

We are, social creatures. Occasionally, we all like a pat on the back. But, it isn’t required. However, isn’t one of the purposes of this site for the very reason I stated above? We grow and advance from others perspectives and experiences.

I personally get a lot out of the educational literature from E.A. And just reading Timothy’s posts can keep my mind pondering for quite some time. What a philosopher he is! Are we not to learn from that; make it our own; perhaps even create a dialogue and express gratitude?

While simultaneously, recognizing and identifying, the reality of the current overall human condition and nepotism of it all. Not an easy feat…lol! Especially when we could debate all day long what reality is…

I’ve observed that it’s true we become like a synthesis of the people (or influences) we spend the most time with - I’m saying influences because in some situations, people take more from a book or a teacher than the people they’re around through lack of choice.

That’s why I try and avoid hanging out with negative or dumb people, I really find it does start making me question myself! >_<

Online groups are great when you find the right ones, especially if your goals are a little unusual and wouldn’t be easy to express or discuss in a more everyday setting.

Holy fuck that’s some impressive magick.