Daytime evocations


Due to a tight work schedule my next evocation will be a daytime evocation - I have light (white) blinds all over to cover up direct sunlight. Is that enough? Anyone here experienced in daytime evocation?


Sorry, this should have been in the evocation forum…can a mod move this thread?


Hi Cloud9:

I’ve never had any problems evoking anytime - doesn’t seem to matter whether its day or nght! The only difference I’ve noticed is that my “visuals” don’t usually come thru as clearly. But you still know its ‘working’ - the sensations, the sudden knowledge, the psychic chills…

If you’re really attached to the visuals, I expect hanging a dark sheet or something over the window would help … :wink: Z


Thanks for your response Zoe. I will go ahead as planned. Thanks again.


Always glad to encourage & validate where I can! :wink: Z


I do evokations in the day light sometimes (indoor and outdoor). Lots of interesting visual phenomenon appears in the light for myself.