Daydreaming during Paralda evocation/meditation

I had an interesting experience working with Paralda today. I’ve been evoking him to assist with opening my clairvoyance. Here’s what happened:

I started by doing the blue ray meditation for 5 minutes and after that I immediately go into 20-30 minutes of kundalini yoga to further get my energy flowing for the ritual.
I continued on to give the LBRP
After that was the summoning of all magical powers incantations until I felt a significant change in the atmosphere of the room
I gave the air incantation from Thoth (given on this forum) until I felt it was enough then started to call to Paralda. I placed the dragons blood onto the coal in my censer before starting to breathe into my zeal chakra guiding Paralda to manifest within the incense smoke. After his presence arrived I confirmed with the pendulum and asked a few questions, one of which was can he come to me in a dream. He said yes then I proceeded to meditate with his energy with hopes of empowering my clairvoyance.
During this meditation it took about 5 minutes to get into a very deep state. I ended up having a very vivid daydream for about 15 minutes until I realized it was actually happening lol in this dream I was talking to a man about some things.
I am a bit confused as to if I should consider this to be a vision or is it the dream that I had just asked him for. Anyone have similar experiences? I did search this topic on here but the answers weren’t very relatable.

We humans have such a pesky addiction to words and definitions. Consider that you had a meaningful exchange with Paralda, and that is what matters. Keep working with the daydream. My 2 cents is that whenever I have a dysync (my term) with time, and I work with an entity - it is a clue.

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I am definitely pleased with this occurrence. Thanks for the response.