Day demon vs night demon

Is the difference between day and night more about affecting one’s outer world (what you can see in the day) versus affecting one’s one inner world (dark night of the soul)?

I’ve written down correspondences regarding Goetic demons, Shem HaMephorash angels, tarot suits, and astrological decans when I noticed there’s a day and night demon (as well as angel) per zodiac decan. It would be beneficial for me to understand what the relationship is between the four spirits assigned per decan. Thanks for your time.

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Honestly toe not big deal see u can call astaroth in 10 pm wensday or 4 pm morning, or 2 am or at noon qhit windows closed, astrology ,planetary maybe be a hood push. Nut if new moon is Saturday u habe to do wat u have too.

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There’s no real difference the day and night correspondences, it’s more of a system that chose to include times of day into it but theyre not necessary.


When Mathers produced his editon of the Goetia, he decided to assign the spirits to the decans. It is from this that you get the whole day/night thing. It doesn’t exist in prior editions of the Goetia. The spirit catalog that Goetia is based on doesn’t contain astrology at all in fact. You can safely ignore it.