Day 1: Multiple evocation

Hello everyone, the day, and continuing with my training for the Mastering of evocation, I make my first multiple evocation and I come to tell you my experience.

I first evoque Leraje and decided that the mode of scrying that would use would be the smoke. I started to call her “leraje come, come, come…” after a while I felt his presence, I felt a great energy quietly directly to my head, I kept calling it ‘leraje come…’, asked him “are you here?”, at that time a thought came to my head “Yes” at the same time that the smoke moved towards my face… After tell her what i wanted to help me, i asked her "will you do it?“would will you help me?” and saw that the smoke is was clearly a heart and then another figure cut the heart In two(it has a meaning for me)then i proceed to carry out the evocation of sastan, I started the same way by calling it “sastan come…” but the smoke of the incense was over, It was then when i asked “sastan how could i see you?” the i Heard water as if it were a river and an image appeared in my head, a black container that I had saved… was clear that he wanted that scrying is the water and so it was. I started to ask “sastan will be my teacher?” and I said “Yes”, “I will help to see them and hear them”), the said “not yet ready”… was when asked “what should I do?” look to the vessel trying to see the answer, was when I saw that steam came out of the water and was heading for my face (the water was in a normal temperature) felt the body and above all my Head heavy like if I had spent the night studying. Finished my evocation and I said goodbye to Leraje and sastan. At the end of all i felt my hands shaking and I was very tired, so I went to prepare a tea to relax me.

Well this is my experience today, thanks for reading.

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guys a question, is normal that your eyes burn me after performing the ritual? I thought it was by the smoke of the incense and that sleeping I would take, but did not.

One of the reasons I don’t use heavy incense smoke that often is that it fucks up my sinuses for days afterwards.

I’m happy to try and get a physical manifestation of a spirit, but never so happy to be blowing relatives of this guy out my nose for the rest of the week afterwards… :\

But the irritation’s probably just mechanical and not a spiritual “side-effect” of the evocation, and should clear up soon. This may sound silly but if you can induce a bout of crying, the increased overflow of tears might help wash it away.

Update: day three of training, as always i do training Koetting suggests, I think that already dominated the scrying vision, also perform an evocation of sastan as i promised him to make me train, this time could not see it but if touch and feel at a time. Try to use a pendulum but believe that use was too heavy, just as I wanted to ask them in the scrying with water that should see? the first time I saw steam and water movement but not figures.

I dont like to use incense for the same reason as Lady Eva. If you want to have a nearer to physical manifestation you can add more candles to the altar, as they serve as energy condensers.

Hi all, update: yesterday was the sixth day of training, I returned to evoke Leraje. This time use a pendulum as a method of scrying. I made a pact with her, the funny thing is that she does not accept that her blood offering or that firm with blood, on the other hand told me that it was not necessary. She loved roses, think is normal that a spirit does not allow you to sign a pact with blood?

Forget it she resolver my cuestión.

Hello, update know i can see forms and shadows around me, i can hear it todo In my mind, they said me: we dont gonna fail

Yes because no pact needs blood. It’s just a way for spirits to drain your energy with ease,