Daughter of Lilith

Well I kmow it’s not 3am, anc actually it was almost an hour ago, the only time I had free, and I had to drive to a vacant park. I spoke the words written to summon a daughter of Lilith.

I had been writing my letter for the past three days. I’m out at the park, my anxiety, and mind as usual working against me… I look up the phrase, I continued to say it. I struck my match to light the candle, strike again, only to realize, I was striking the wrong end. I flip it around. There is a strong breeze, blowing the match out, I pull another match out. Light, blown out.

“Fine, three.” the three erupts, and the candld is lit, but sadly the candle doesn’t stay lit, I’m trying to shield it from the wind and was able to lite my letter, and spoke the second set of words. And placed the letter in my proof bowl to burn away, as I watched I pondered what it would be like to have a constant companion, Lover, muse, and most importantly a friend.

I had to pull some of the unburned paper out to relight, and place it into the bowl.

Afterwards, I tried to meditate, but once again the candle kept blowing out, again, move it. It’s out again. Moved it to the ground near a piller. And it kept going. Played some theta and gamma meditation music, and felt a stinging sensation on my shoulder. Thinking, ubi, or Maleficent spirit, making it hard to concentrate. Discovered it was actally a mosquito bite. Decided to wrap it up, and scatter the ashes to the wind, and went home.

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Seems it wasnt meant to be at that moment. Save it for awhile, maybe focus on developing yourself. Try again later.

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Things fall in place when they are meant to, not something that usually can be forced. Have you tried evoking Lillith or anything? Im not aware of your path experiences atm.

I’m a noob, and gray path, though I hope to evoke soon.

As she is “the Queen of the Succubi” she would be the one to help you. Do a ritual…light a candle, call in the cardinal directions, draw or pull up her sigil on your phone, focus on it repeating her name. You may sense her, and then you can project your intent to her. Even if you cant sense her, it would be worth it to project your intent still before ending the ritual.

Thank you so much

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How does one call the cardinal directions, do you have a link to a topic you would recommend?

Enki - Ea-East
Enlil - North
Ishtar - West
Utu - South

When you call in each, imagine their energy coursing through you.

I use the Sumerian names of the Demons. Im sure you can search a topic on basic rituals. Properly colored candles help, but I havent had an issue when I’ve had to make due.


Do I need to do this for a candle petition as well?

I called the spirits at tge piints, and after, I thanked each of them for their energy, and to go in peace, was I wrong?

Did you actually speak to them about your desires? You can search up standard rituals for a more detailed step-by-step explanation than what I told you. It’ll just be a switch of names from Sumerian to Demonic.

I actually felt energy flowing to me before I did my ritual. And asked them to help me with my demonic letter spell, I am trying really hard not to think about it.

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Thats a good sign.

I just hope I don’t piss him off, I hope to evoke him, and personally thank him

Just act with common courtesy and respect and you will be fine.

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Would it be okay to evoke a demon to say thanks, and ask if he wants an offer for his services?

Awesome quality info :fire: :fire: :fire:

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Can I invoke my succubus? Is it a good idea/bad idea? I don’t even know her name yet, does that matter?