Database of Deities, Faeries & Mythical Creatures From All Cultures

If you are interested in learning about Gods, Goddesses, etc. from a variety of cultures (Celtic, Hindu, Italian, etc.) take a look at this database that I have comprised on Pinterest. Every entry has a photo, the deity’s name and most have information of their powers, their culture and history and so on. This is a great little database for those looking to find new deities and spirits to work with for whatever purpose.

This database also includes other metaphysical information, craft projects, magickal tips, crystal and gemstone identification, information on Faeries and folklore creatures, and even photos of some really cool handmade witchcraft tools that I have found online that are for sale.

You do not have to have a Pinterest account to view these pins or to click on them but you do have to have an account if you wish to pin them. If anyone here has a Pinterest account and would like to be a contributor to my board to pin metaphysical and magick related content ONLY, PM me with your Pinterest username or your Pinterest email and I will invite you to become a pinner for that board.