Data retriving request, preperation for september Dark Star Ritual

Dear Balg,

I can only hope.

It’s not certain,
for this modification of the general public stream,
to go through,
with full contempt.

So i’d like to give some research data,
to give accordance,
for what i specifically seek.

Ensign “jatal”,
is written on the brithday cake,
for a killed / deleted crew member,
in Star Treck Season 5, Episode 11,
of the Voyager Series.

assuming at least some people are familiar,
with the actual real Nasa Voyager having taken Pictures,
still used today,
of the Moon Oberon,
of Uranus,
there should be some complience within that.

Of course,
media has always been presented as a gernerous cover up,
for our needs,
as the dark brotherhood,
of Ascendium Aetrenalis.

those within the brotherhood,
have never been denied a request,
for clarification.

I assume,
that same protocol,
to still be in place.

I have contributed,
both within the Belial request,
for the Devil Gene,
as the Black Star rising,
as the Group Ritual is comming forth towards us,
on 23th of september.

please let me specify my request.

is a word derived of Klingonian language.

i currently can’t research it’s exact meaning for myself.

it does hold severe contrivience,
for the upcomming ritual,
in which the Black Star Energy,
will be bound,
to this planet,
allowing for massive magick,
as well as clearing of pathways,
for all members of our movement.

The Jetal term,
i request to be researched,
holds dear importance,
since the Signura Maturax,
which of course,
coresponds to this specific value,
hasn’t been perfected yet.

i will need,
exact perfection,
of both the Omega coding directive Protocol 010,
as well as the Jetal insignium.

i’d rely on my Legions to gather the required codings.

there’s a specific engram,
by a helionistic version of Oberon,
which currently,
i can’t fully access.

I suppose,
a Thelemetic approach,
might fruition,
what is necessary,
to be found,
at least before the 21th,
of this current month.

For a simple reason:

The black star working,
is engaged by many members of our combined efforts.

In honor,
to both Indivituality,
as well as Freedom,
we need to retrieve,
the meaning of this specific Klingon dialect word.

So the Black Star Covenant can be renewed,
and updated,
to current state requirements.

It might sound crazy,
for some of you,
to derive data for an ongoing ritual,
from science fiction.

who feel compelled by it,
are free to close this post from their attention,
and ignore it,
for the time being,
until 23rd of september passed.

if you,
hold some understanding of Omni-lingua,
i’d be more then welcome,
to gain some of your perspective.

Please help me grasp,
the exact meaning,
of that word.

My current work,
in preperation towards that ritual,
has gone on for several month.

And i certainly want to continue,
especially since my presence in the working was requested.

allow me to correct the Signure Maturax,
to the specific coding frequency of Jetal.

That way,
the progress of the incantations,
can be further derived,
and brought before the council,
of Orion.

To simplify the efforts,
in respection of the short time frame for completion;

The Netflix version of ST Voyager,
haves that specific image,
on Time Stamp:

Research propably requires scrying of that image,
to unlock the hidden Astral connection,
for the real world version of it’s complete meaning.

Feel free to contribute,
according to your skill,
capacity and understanding level.

Thank you.



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For reference,
Damballa requested me to act in this case.

So working with the Crossroads of Papa Legba,
might help retrieve the necessary aspects.

Further specification:

Dragon blood,
Florida Water,
and copal or francincense,
should be valid for providing a manifestation base.

Guess someone ignored my warning,
for securing their beloved ones,
in accordance with the ritual.

i can’t explain,
why i’m requested,
to further my own shieldings,
over a Member of the OAA.

i’ll do me part,

General coding of the “Jetal” word.

“The jet”

Assumunig literal meaning:

The one,
excillarating fastly.

Assuming occult meaning,
“the one, which burns away,
to move faster then his peers”

Assuming oberiative view;

Vit noviem,
vetu scal’a’a,
vatu co’she’yar,

according to law of nature,
ripping back the black aspect,
has required protecting,
for securance,
of the current vessle.


That sacrifice,
was requested directly by the vessle.

mac nobre,
vactu maz machala.

mac vatu’cha.




Falls diesen teil,
jemand besser versteht als ich selbst,
bin ich ganz klar,
offen für vorschläge.

Opfergabe oder nicht.
Ich würde es bevorzugen,
einen anderen Pfad zu wählen.

I’m so sorry,
i had to channel this in Lingua Germanica.

I wasn’t allowed,
to write it’s english form.

to prevent consilidation,
on the exact meaning.



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Not sure if I can help.

Unable to find that word.

In the following

It includes the name that you mentioned. Of a character. Though I haven’t seen the episode. It may be her birthday cake?

Three things grabbed my attention while reading the info on that site.
Seven of Nine
Scorpion (Belial comes to mind)
Altered Memories

If it’s not connected, please disregard.

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yes it is.

Sure the lexicon doesn’t cover the word?


yes, those are connected.

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Not that I could find, unless it’s written different or pronounced different.
Would have to see the episode.

Reversed: Latej
Anagram: Ltaej

Star Trek Voyager
7 Seasons on Netflix
Season 5 Episode 11: Latent Image


The J looks like the oblivion symbol :smile:



Thanks for the Alphabet,
with the changed Letters,
it actually worked.

The initiation associated with it is working now.

Thank you.



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Most welcome :slight_smile:

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