Darkness Is Not A Trend

Darkness just is…
Not a trend or hipster cool thing like :metal:. We can evolve without the edge or the trendy darkness and angst.
I dont seek to immerse myself in bane or opening the darkest suite of the Hells.
I recall being walked down a very worn stone spiral staircase into the bowls of a mountain to end up in the pitch darkness of a cylindrical room (later illuminated). It was to help me find all my senses when there was no stimuli. That darkness evolved me in its special way. But I didnt seek it out to be dangerous and edgy. Or evil or scary. It shouldnt drive one into depressions or insanity.

Darkness isnt that. Darkness just is…it is a tool. A neutrality.

Yeah…just thinking out loud. No judging…just introspection and what darkness means to me, personally.

What does it represent for you? How do you feel about the pursuit of darkness?


i feel like some are more in touch with it than others but we all come from it. for withought dark there would be no light, no duality to life. and without duality, life wouldnt be life.