Darkest Aspect of Hel?

So was listening to the song Hel by Brothers Of Metal and focusing on the lyrics and I think I received some more knowledge about the Goddess Hel.

In her darkest aspect, she can be very sadistic to those who deserve it particularly those who harm children. She takes great pleasure in torturing them if called upon and shows no mercy to these people.

I asked her if that was true and she smiled deviously and nodded.

I guess she’s one of the deities we can call upon to protect kids from the sick fucks in the world.


From the little i know since i’m only at the beginning i would not even be surprised.

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Hel can be pretty sneaky, she snuck some of her energy into a friend of mine lol it was like a parasite latching onto his energy system, she found it entertaining, though so did I to a degree while another friend was like “boi you stupid” lol


I have people over and one of the kids told me they felt like someone was watching them. I would be surprised if it was Hel XD.

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