Dark vs Evil

I`ve wondering this lately. Why most people consider the terms dark and evil to be synonyms? How do you think the differences could be explained between the two?

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I agree tee totally. The why of it all? I’d point my finger to most of our faith based upbringings and the same effect said faith has had on society.

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Darkness and light actually exist, whereas ‘good’ and ‘evil’ are merely human thoughts about the world.

I agree with this fully. However, I believe good and evil are in effect as working concepts in the astral as well. It’s not until you get into mental realms where they actually dissolve and become obscure philosophies and vibrations of unformed thought. There is no good or evil in the grand sense of things - there are only cogs, gears, and wheels. And each cog, gear or wheel has an intimate part to play in the machine of the universe - whether they are broken and rusty or new and well oiled. Destruction and desolation are just as important in the cycle as construction and creation. When one thing is destroyed - room is made for something else to be created. However, we are creatures of creation - we follow that path. We become. We are constantly creating ourselves over and over until we have become the ultimate power. For this reason alone - we see the destruction of something we admire or adhere to on our path as being “bad” or “evil”. Nevertheless, when there is something in our way or blocking our path - the destruction of that object becomes constructive - even if it was something that, to somebody else, was admired or adhered to. To them it was an evil act on your part. You surely see the dynamics. Removing a person who is detrimental to your progress is your way of continuing to create your godhood - while it was an absolute cessation of their personal progression - at least for some time.

That helps a lot DKM. I need to sound off about something though. I completely agree with your summary, but what to do with truly evil people. For instance the psychopathic person who goes around serial killing people, either via magick or physical means. True predators of humanity who spend their life dedicated to death, destruction and violence with most of their victims completely innocent and incapable of defending themselves. Senseless killing and torture without any greater good being served, save only the temporary satisfaction of their twisted and vile ego. This disturbs me way past my tolerance level for people with alternative philosophies that conflict with my own. In fact the amount of hatred I have for those types of people suprizes even myself. I want to be the archangel of death with my sword drawn and pointed at them. I know death, destruction and violence are part of the natural order of the multiverse but I want to focus that energy squarely on the heads of those cowards. There that truly is the right word for people who take joy in the suffering of others. Fucking cowards!

I’ve been working to destroy the barriers in my mind for a while now. I don’t believe in good in evil more of the context of an action. Light and darkness is the emotions attatched to the act. If we do it and we justify it to ourselves it’s light unjustified and its dark.

Is killing another human evil? Not when we execute murderers and that is still widely debated. By killing a murderer you cause his family the same loss and pain you condemned him for but it is deemed accptable. Is getting sexually violent with a woman wrong? Not when she has a fetish for rough sex and pain and is consenting of course. The context in which the action was performed is what drives people’s concept of good and evil.

If you watch a movie in which the hero goes after a gang of outlaws and exacts justice on by one he is in essence doing the same task the audience condemned the outlaws for but we cheer him on because the ACT was acceptable by context.
In war time our countries enemies do not view themselves as “evil” or the “bad guys” any more than we view ourselves in that light yet we are doing the same thing except we find it acceptable.

My cats catch prey and “play” with it to death, does their senseless killing of a creature make them evil (I’m convinced one is but I digress)? Is a wild animal that steals a human baby in the wilderness and kills it evil? It’s the same act the context of the prey is the only difference.

ZachD555 said:
This disturbs me way past my tolerance level for people with alternative philosophies that conflict with my own.

That hit the nail on the head. If it conflicts with our own philosophies past our “comfort zone” we find it evil and assign a darker connotation to it.

Don’t get me wrong, I do not advocate senseless acts of violence towards anyone I just don’t believe an act is evil or not and I don’t believe a certain act makes a person a monster or evil. Any person in the world wears several different aspects of himself and goes by several different names (much like God). He may be Mr. Smith to his employees, Honey to his wife, Daddy to his kids and Hero to the country that praised his military service and Monster to the country that received the bombs he dropped.

Wandering Fool,

There are a couple of points I should clear up. One was due to punctuation and wording mistake I missed while posting this. My only internet connection now is on my phone so proofreading and editing are a bitch.

People who go around committing senseless acts of violence against the innocent and defenseless disturb me. Not in the way soneone with an alternative viewpoint counter to my own disturb me, but to the point where I want to destroy them. I do not want to kill my evil kitties when they torture or kill a bird or a rat or a bug. Why? Because I do no value those things individually. If I had a pet rat, or Lizard I would protect it from the evil cats.

Wild animals fall into a different category as well. It doesn’t disturb me for one second when an Orca brutally toys with a seal before killing and eating it. But, a Tiger who snatches a baby from the village for a midnight snack should definitely be hunted and killed. Why? Justice. Mankind is above animals.

A killer who is put to death by the state gets what he deserves. JusAlthough I am against the government having the power to execute its citizens. Too much abuse. The family of the victim should pull the trigger or flip the switch.

And war is evil regardless of the side you are on. Slaughtering the innocent with bombs is not justifiable in the context in which we have been engaged in during the last 30 years. Especially when our main objective is to confiscate their natural resources to satisfy our own greed.

What I was addressing in my previous post were magickal or physical serial killers. Those predators who wish to push the limits of acceptability and strike the innocent and defenseless for the sake of doing so. Should I view them as a necessary evil? Like a pack of wolves or a wasps nest? While I’m more inclined to let the wolves live. I will be the Angel of Death to the wasps nesting in my roof. I’ll kill every one of them. Infants, larvae, male, female it doesn’t matter. I’ll even walk down the street to kill their neighbors and cousins. But even the wasp is neither innocent nor defenseless.

Justice as a concept to me is subjective. While I do hold similar views to you, I only feel its worth my time to go after those who would continue to commit such acts. For example I used to work with an ex mafia guy, I knew he killed and even tortured at least one person to death as these were things he admitted to me. But I didn’t send anything after him, because I knew that it was unlikely he would commit such acts again in the future. And as of the present he even has a family that depends on him. Now if I knew he would be likely to go back to his old ways then I probably would have sent something crazy his way. To me “justice” without practical reason holds no meret and is simply a waste of energy.

Zach, I get what your saying and I do agree with you on the serial killer aspect. I was just basically saying many of the ideas and ideals we hold are truly subjective. Take E.A. and Baneful Magick for example that book is basically a written confession of him killing/attempting to kill multiple people with magick sometimes just to see if he could. Most of us here do not think he should be punished or put to death for what he has done. Why? Because he is a likeable person? We like his books? We wish to have that same power and want to learn from him?

Personally I only put mankind above animals when individuals act as men and try to ascend their more basic instincts. Murder, war, rape and genocide committed all over the world has shattered any faith I have in the species as a whole, we are the only species that do these things.

Yeah wandering fool brings up some interesting points. I personally tend to have more sympathy for animals then most humans, so I’m going to have to agree with you on the bit of putting humans above them only when they have earned it.

But yeah that thing you mentioned about EA is another thing I didn’t touch on. Aside from what I mentioned, though my reasons for giving him a free pass on those actions are a bit different. I mean yeah he is a likeable person but if I knew a likeble serial killer for example I’d still probably take some action against him/her. The main reason why I give EA and even someone like Uncle Chuckie a free pass in this regard is because I feel that they contribute to the development of what my ideal of how the world should be outweighs any bad stuff they might do in my eyes. Now if some guy/girl who goes around doing that sort of stuff without giving anything back, that’d be the sort of person I might send an occult attack against.

Also I don’t fight battles I don’t think I could win.

It’s never black and white in my own opinion. I think everything depends on circumstance. Its pretty evident I like bears. If a rabid bear was mauling a little girl and I had the power, I would stop the bear… most likely. I put that human life ahead of the bear because the child is innocent and was just walking through the woods. However, Bear baiting in pakistan. Where they tie a bear down, rip out its teeth and claws and set attack dogs on it… I would take every pleasure in torturing to death every one of those cunts. I would kill everyone involved, and all the spectators… If I had absolute power over life and death, I would kill a dozen hateful, vile, cruel people to save one innocent animal.

I think it all comes down to our own set of personal values. I accidentally killed a sparrow a while back, it died in my hand and I was pretty sad about it. Someone was really irritating me and I punched them several times and threw them on the ground… I felt great!

There is no rhyme or reason to my own value system. Thats why I like the LHP, I am only limited by my own ethical and moral boundaries. Is using dark power evil if it is used against evil people? Or is it justice?

Fascinating post!

For me, the greatest "evil’ is taking away someones power of choice, especially when it’s MY choice to be made (and take responsibility for) in the first place.

EVERYBODY on this planet wants to tell EVERYBODY else how to live and what choices we shoulda, coulda, and woulda. FUCK OFF!!! Stop telling me how to live MY life government, culture, religion. Let me make my OWN choices and own my responsibilities too.

Come, dine in my tent and let’s converse about how you view YOUR world (which you are solely creating moment by moment), and I shall share my view as well.

I love how deep these conversations get here on the forum. Thanks guys for helping me hash out a better understanding of my universe. There’s a lot of great knowledge and experience buried in these threads!

I’m wondering if the subjective justices we experience here in the physical are just the natural balance of dark and light on the higher planes?

I think using magick to take someone out is perfectly acceptable. Some targets are much more appealing to me than others. I have done it before, killed with magick, as detailed in the thread fuck you and die. So I know the power is there at my finger tips. I know it could be further developed to a point I could stretch out my hand against anyone and destroy them. I think any one of us is capable of wielding death current at a target. So what do we do with it?

Well, we already have death at our fingertips - 1000 ways to kill a person are at hand to a human being. I don’t see magick as being separate from that. Killing a person is still killing a person, however you may feel about it or justify it.

True killing a person is killing a person, but if I walked down the street blowing people away eventually I would be stopped. Either killed in action or thrown in prison. But by wielding magick we are above the law of the state. So what happens? I am only accountable to myself.

You’re only above the law of the state if magick isn’t real. If we accept that it is real, we also must accept that others also know that it is real. As such, magickal murder has just as much potential of repercussions as any other form of murder. Perhaps your local Barney Fife won’t be investigating, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be held accountable.

In some ways, you might be better able to stay under the radar using a knife or a gun.

There are also some unique complications. Magickal murder energetically ties you to the target - thus the concept of magickal warfare, curse - counter-curse, etc.

Your accountable to yourself and whoever is capable of holding you accountable. As you said in an earlier post you would exact justice on people who abuse such power, but what you may constitute as abuse they may say they’re fine tuning their magickal art.

I believe the people in power know perfectly well that this stuff is real. But they don’t want anyone else to know, thats why you will never pass any laws against magic. What they are doing is spreading misinformation through people like Randi, or people who promote the three fold law to either make people not believe in it, or at least curb them from using it against them. Though that being said , I think the tide is slowly turning against them, sooner or later they won’t be able to maintain control using these methods alone. When that times come they may try to impliment more problematic measures against it.

Absoloutly they know it’s real. They can pass no laws because that would A) Inform others that its real. B) Make it more attractive as it is now illegal and more forbidden.

They do not need James Randi to spread disinformation and build skepticism about anything. Ask most 16-35 yr old adults they don’t have a clue who Randi is but I bet they can tell you all about the latest celebrity gossip, what fashion is in this year, how their favorite team is doing etc. They put shit in our food and water and medicine to dumb is down and keep our potential limited and make us placid and easily managed. Does that enrage most people to act? To at least get pissed and alert others? Not nearly as much that weed or gay marriage doesn’t get a national legalization. Guess it’s working huh?

The disinformation in the occult circles is no better, most talk of reaching enlightenment but in reality want to stroke their ego and walk around with titles that mean NOTHING anywhere else not even in another order. They talk about power but have no real power to display themselves. Most of the higher ups pass off the deficiencies of their facade as either “Well, you don’t know everything, much is kept secret.” or “When you reach my level those things will not be of importance.” If that’s the case why do you charge membership dues, why don’t you manifest the money to show me how important it isn’t? Why milk people of their money having them go through grades of initiation that don’t even teach them anything more than introspection and self realization exercises? Most of these people are just as bad as the people who play it off as make believe. I’d rather work with a bunch of random people from the Internet who have shit to gain except experience and knowledge than a temple, lodge or anything else filled with people who can’t manifest what they claim.

When people wake up which I’m not convinced they will any more at all this consensus reality will crumble. They’ve built a great machine over the years we see gears here and there but most still don’t have a clue how it all really ties together. Sorry for the rant just woke up.