Dark Venus vs Venus?

How does Dark Venus compare with « regular » Venus ?

What are the differences in abilities and function ?

Thanks :pray:

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Why don’t you summon Venus and ask her yourself? That’ll be nice!

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Funnily enough I’ve been getting a lot of venusian stuff myself lately.

In particular the septageam/heptagram has been coming up a lot.

The seventh sphere of either tree is netzach/Aarab Zaraq.

Netzach is the sephirah ‘victory’, the ability of raw, emotional, passionate energy to overcome obstacles, but it needs to be balanced by Hod, the ability to rationalize and exercise a degree of self-control. If it is not balanced it becomes uncontrolled passion, desire, greed and covetousness, the dark side of Venus, which is unbridled lust.

The raven of dispersion is thought by some authors to be related to the raven Noah let fly from his ark while the waters dispersed.

You might look into Babalon as a starting point…

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Interesting enough after starting my initiative rites with the temple of ascending flame, I been seeing Venus energy pop up every too. Not that I think something drastic, just a side effect of noticing the universe at work and how like attracts like.
But friends were talking about Venus planetary magick, and different associations in occult, the different Gods and Goddesses associated with Venus keep popping up. And then in multicultural awareness we went to the planetarium and learned about the Maya and their harvest cycles with corn being based off of Venus and it’s associations with Quetzalcoatl.
And this time of year it’s bright in the sky every night I jog under the moon lol

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Let me also throw this up there:

Venus traditionally has underworld aspects and associations.

For example the descent of Ishtar/Innana into irkalla (note, she passes through seven gates).

The aforementioned Quetzalcoatl (Aztec name he was kukulkan in the Maya pantheon) had underworld associations as well primarily in the creation myth.

An exploration of the dark side of Venus will probably deal with the underworld, death, and it’s mysteries (among other things)…


Traditionally, these weren’t really thought of as separate, from my studies. Certain tendencies, sure, but seeing them as different is an edgy, modern concept. Dark or Light, both were Venus. Either way, you called to Venus and she decided what aspect (in what amount) was needed.

Frankly, their vantage point is better than the small piece of the puzzle our little egos can see.

This isn’t theoretical to me. I call on the entity and let them decide how to do X. I can make a request on what or how it happens (Y) but I need X to happen. XY is a bonus.

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