Dark Symbols in Music Videos-Lord Belial

Hi Folks, I have been thinking of bringing this up in our Forum for a while.

There are two videos.

Closer by Nine Inch Nails https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTFwQP86BRs


Black Hole Sun by Sound Garden https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3mbBbFH9fAg

I used to adore these as a kid.Eversince I did pacts with Lord Lucifer, Lord Paimon and Lord Belial, for some odd reason I am being led to analyse these videos.

Any insights from @Fuego , @Lady_Eva and our amazing friends at BALG will be welcome x especially with regards to Lord Belial and the symbolism in these videos.


I always fought that there was more to that song then simply “tear down the idiocy!”. The Black Sun felt influenced from some entity. Now if Sound Garden was aware of that, i don’t know.


^ Same here.

I’m going to take the unpopular stance that both of these songs may not be entirely wholesome, as in, empowering and favouring ascent, based on the fact Trent Reznor was in a pretty dark place when he wrote Closer, though the lyrics are compelling and the song is, when viewed as simply a song, very good.

But I never feel better after playing stuff like that for very long, and I’ve started to notice that more over the years, that the lyrics in these things are invocations of some actually pretty fucked up and disempowering stuff.

As for Black Hole Sun, again, amazing song, dubious lyrics if viewed as an invocation by the godself within you, as you repeat them in your mind - tragic effects on their creator.

I realise defining large chunks of artistically excellent music as toxic to ascent is a tough sell around here, and the opposite of being all cool n’ shit :stuck_out_tongue: but them’s my honest thoughts on it, pretty much ALL popular music ever since the fifties is an invocation of some kind of fucked-upness, ruined loves, damaged hopes, despair, loathing, desires that cause misery and loss…

Viewed as catharsis and entertainment they’re probably innocuous, but cnsider that the oldest religio-magickal traditions we have handed down to us, that of the Sumerians, combined prayer and spell-like incantations to music as a method of making reality change in accordance with those words sung to a rhythm.

And I bet you can remember advertising jingles and show themes from your early childhood, but have probably forgotten most of the words spoken to you, even by loving parents and grandparents, so the power of music to enter the mind and remain alive and unchanged runs deep.

My verdict? They may be working with demons and shit, and influenced by them, but I give this stuff a wide berth, and have felt happier and more powerful as a result.

I am officially totally uncool for that, and truly dgaf! :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing:


So instead of listening to Black Hole Sun what would you recommend for people to listen? Any specific songs or gender that you fell empowering?

I find Gregorian Chants to bring a great peace of mind.

A bit off topic. But I thought it be a good question to ask.

Now I have seen other music with this kind of influence too. I just have to remember what they are called.

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You make good points. Closer by NIN was one of my favorite songs as an angsty teen, so it’s near and dear to my heart, but I don’t listen to it much these days as I don’t seem to need that particular brand of emotional catharsis anymore. It’s still an amazing song in my opinion.

Now, “should” we listen to songs like this? I feel like any warning to stop listening to that “devil music” smacks of the same prohibitions thrown up time and time again by bible-thumpers against rock and roll, heavy metal, violent video games, and the list goes on. They exclaim how this new form of entertainment will be the ultimate downfall of our youth, decaying their morals as it devolves them into primitive beasts, capable of only violence and lust. But somehow, (and the studies show this), the majority of teens who listen to heavy metal, or play DOOM, or (God forbid) show their ankles in public, don’t run amok shooting up malls or killing themselves. It’s a form of emotional catharsis, and there’s evidence to suggest that by expressing these negative emotions in a safe manner, one is less likely to do so in a negative fashion.

Now, I don’t think that listening to violent, hate-filled music 24/7 without respite is a healthy thing. But doing so on occasion and when it helps to exorcise negative emotions already within one’s self can be a very beneficial thing. I know, at least personally, listening to Nine Inch Nails, Rammstein, Burzum, and all the rest of those musical artists so commonly thrown under the bus of “moral panic” helped me during periods of deep depression and hatred of the world. Without them and the solace of head-banging my emotions away I would not have been able to navigate my teen years as skillfully, nor would I be the (relatively) more emotionally stable person I am today.

My two cents, at least. @Lotuslouvena what symbolism do you specifically tie to Belial in Closer’s video? I don’t recall anything specifically occult-related, other than the overtly anti-Christian tone of a monkey being crucified that was censored from TV.

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that’s the vibe I felt.There is a gloominess inside these songs, they seem to reel you in.There is heavy magic at work here…more like an incantation at work, trying to draw energy from the listeners.

remember the last part where Trent is hanging and playing the Piano, the very last tune which reminds you of something culminating, thats the part I keep sensing Lord Belial.