Dark Star

hello folks, great place here. i just reading “Lucifer Amaymon” and stepped over the word “Dark Star”, for example on page 66, grimoire of E.A., citate:“These three - The God Star, The Dragon’s Eye, and the Dark Star - will form a tunnel.” What in this context means “Dark Star”? Is it something like the nine-pointed God Star?

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Perhaps I have found the answer some pages before in the same book (Lucifer Amaymon). So I read on page 48, citate:“But in the center of you is an eternal well of Darkness, capable of anything, all potential unmanifest. This is Amun, the Hidden god, the Dark Star.” When I understand E.A. right, Amun is another name that is connected with Amaymon. And Amaymon is an aspect of Lucifer. And an aspect of Amaymon is the dark void, which has the potential to materialize things and wishes. So Amaymon is somehow the Dark Star.

It sounds to me like you’re trying to analyse it logically, which is what I did at first, but it completely falls apart f you try to push that too far. It’s not left brained logical stuff, it’s all right brained poetry and symbolism.

If (big if) the void is the Tao, then the void is not an aspect of anything, everything comes from and will return to the void, that’s what its pure potential is for.

Think of it like reading someone else’s trip report. :smiley: It’s a real experience, but your own energy in interaction with those same energies is likely to be different, so the signposts might be helpful, or they might not.

I think it’s best not to worry about trying to wrap your head about it, just sleep on it and let it sink into your psyche in an artistic sense. Then get into ritual and see what happens for yourself.