Dark staot- litany of the shadow of saturn

So I have been devoting time towards this litany while working with kundak during my yoga to work on ripping apart the veil between worlds. While I have not been able to put as much time I would like toward this with all the lunacy that has been going on at work i have experienced some shifts since i started. wanted to share a few of them as well as some of what happens while reading the litany.

So far I’ve only been able to put in at most 30 minutes 2-3 times a week for 2 almost 3 weeks now along with the foundation work I’m doing during the week. I have noticed that when i enter trace from any the work it has been a deeper state than before. The most notable lately has been during kunda yoga, peering into drukasgan and most recently while preforming the ignition of the black sun with a slight tweak from whats described in the book.

When preforming the ignition the ignition last week i had the impulse to vibrate the names of both the divs called and the inverted names as mantras, with the divs this would be 1-5 times depending on how fast a shift occurred.

I noticed a significant shift in the atmosphere from the onset of the rite. since i completed my alter this last Saturday i have begun incorporating gazing into the blackened fire before forming the shadow body since my schedule has me out before sunrise and home after sun set. Formation of the shadow body is happening with more clarity and vividness each time I preform the rite.

The same increasing clarity has been happening with my kunda yoga and peering into drugaskan, a hand full of times to the point of seeing my surrounding ablaze with blackened fire as if i was sitting in the middle of a raging inferno, startled me the first time :flushed: to the point of bringing me out of trance and i had to start over :laughing:

Twice a similar effect has happened while working on becoming and emanating the rays of the black sun only in this case I was the core of a dark storm. I’ve noticed over the last few months my visualizations of the inner and outer darkness shifts form slowly over time depending on which div I am working with.

Now as to what occurs as I practice the litany, things get a bit strange even by my standards. So to start I will either preform peering into drugaskan or more recently meditate on the blackened fire followed by the Rawnuha before I begin to read the staot. So far the most drastic thing i have noticed is the further into the litany I get the deeper the trance along with what i can only describe as a visual distortion in my immediate surroundings followed by a slight to heavy case of vertigo , which forces me to pause or end the session if it gets bad enough.

The other things that keep happening as i get deeper into the litany is I’ll have whole pages that my voice shifts between soft whispers and vicious shouts which sound to me as if my voice takes on an echo of its own. Kinda like Mongolian Throat Singing just with a really pissed off tone to it like I am attacking something (likely the veil) with my voice. So far i cant get beyond 30 minutes without my tongue going numb on me to the point where I’ll need to stop and start back up or just end the session with the uhov mesah.

Felt like a good idea to share this for anyone wondering what it is like to work with one of the planetary litanies.


FUCKIN fabulous! Keep up the great work.


Wow. That was awesome and inspirational! I will be having my own experiences soon too! (rubs hands together in excitement!) I am just at the beginning of reading the BMoA and have not gotten that far. Maybe pg 60? off the top of my head. But you have definitely given me something to look forward to!