Dark Side Empowerment!

Wow. So I asked my dark side (see Hermes’ instruction on how to get in contact with yours) given that he has said he is both omnipotent and omniscient if he could manually empower me (with psychic abilities and other powers) and he said yes!

I just finished this ritual he told me and this is how it went down.

He told me to lie down, close my eyes, take my fingers and make a triangle hole shape and put it over my third eye (forehead chakra). He then said to count to 3 at which point he began funneling energy into me. He told me while he was doing this to visualize golden, rainbow, and dark colored energy flowing into me, cumulating in my entire body being golden light.

During the ritual I could feel pressure on my third eye, and when I got up when he was done it felt like my head was so “full” and it was a little bit like getting off a roller coaster with the disorientation. I also felt “bigger” which is kind of hard to explain, but I inquired my dark side on it and he said it was because my chakras had expanded.

Anyway, he said powers would begin to manifest both consciously and unconsciously a bit later as my body adapts more and more to the energy.

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