Dark Prince Zamathu's Journal

It is difficult to practice magic unless you get into it in a state of total surrender.

As a man, I have found it difficult to let go of feelings and to shape my reality through my legitimate beliefs and the inner truth.
I don’t care about money, it was once a stupid tree, it’s just a swap girl to treat me to something that I’ll throw away soon anyway.
Appearance is irrelevant and unimportant if you can see energies or auras, I mean the same and like to join in, you can look like a pile of dirt as long as the chemistry is right.
for me love is the only key to paradise, I exist alone for love’s sake, I am a divine expression to experience love and to pass it on where there is none.
It is said that nobody can / could really grasp reality except the subconscious of every life.
IF I were crazy, I would fantasize that we all live in a single universal reality where every human being is the same.
a world where sexuality and community are the only currency. no more war for shit, no more money. we live in abundance, so too much food is produced so that it can be thrown away and people can starve.



Magick is a state of total control and affecting your will upon the universe, if by “surrender” you mean not fighting yourselfthen yes it helps to get your psychology and mental health in order but the idea of allowing any weaknesses to thrive during the Magick is, in my opinion, a recipe for parasites and disaster. Please from now on if you’re going to make any blanket statements about how to do magic make sure that they are safe safe and will not lead to any danger. If this advice is followed to its fullest then it could cause some people to be indirectly harmed.


You are just depressed of supply of earths current, of course you can corner yourself to singulari simulation theory, as almost i have, but there are active cultures, like draco and luciferianism, which atleast try to teach magick in midst of the plastic, if you may.

watch pokemon from 1990s, there are shitload of demonic emotionalism and occult knowledge !

@dark_prince_Zamathu You seem to have a lot of musing posts but you’re not really asking questions or phrasing your posts in a way that invite discussion.

That’s ok, we have a place for this on BALG too. You might want to consider starting one or more Journals to keep all these thoughts together. I’m moving this to the Journal’s category for you, and I suggest you bookmark it so you can come back and add to it later. :slight_smile:

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