"Dark" Norse Magick Study Group


Surtr is not someone to fuck with. He will burn your house down :slight_smile: He will burn everything down. You are maybe familiar with the rune Nauthiz which looks a bit like two sticks being rubbed together. It is symbolic of necessity for fire/warmth/survival. Fire is often used to burn everything away and leave room for new things to grow better than before. I made the idiotic mistake of combining the Nauthiz rune with Fehu and Hagalaz because I wanted better opportunities and low and behold something ended up happening where the paper I had drawn this bindrune on had been burnt. Suddenly my entire house was burning down and I was the one who saw it and had to save everyone in the house. My homelife at this place was very shitty and let’s just say there were a few people there that deserved some “karma”. I looked Surtr right in the face. Do not call him unless you need everything absolutely fucking destroyed and you can survive. Seriously.

Also sorry for spamming on this thread so much. I am just reading through and it’s nice to see something like this.


The runes are the most versatile magickal tools I’ve ever encountered hands down. Now what makes the runes so versatile? Well, once you understand them and memorize the symbols and powers behind them, you can use runic power wherever you go, even outside the ritual chamber. You can even project the runes outside of yourself mentally or visualize internally while chanting galdr while also visualizing the changes that you want to occur. Hell, what I do sometimes is arrange sticks into runes or bind runes, activate them, chant the galdr, and work them like any other spell. And I’ve seen awesome results. Certain weather conditions or locations seem to magnify the potential and speed of runic powers, and I’ll let you folks figure out this for yourselves. Anyhow, learning the runes and having your own understanding of the energy of these symbols, will give you an arsenal even in situations like prison. Absolutely crucial and priceless knowledge.


@satyr9 No worries about spamming. I welcome people talking and discussing the topic of Norse magick, we all can learn something from one and other :grin:


Heldrassil is where it’s at :wink:

the runes are like my thing I am mostly just a vitki/rune reader since that was my first exposure to any norse magick. As for weather conditions and things like that yes, hail and rain and all that even strong gusty winds can effect them. When you combine the right ones and get them into a nearly unrecognizable shape it feels like you get shot in the chest.


Here are a few pictures of my old altar that I’ve yet to have space to reassemble with all the runes for the Jotun and dragonz and wulvz and some other random thingies for y’all. The rune reading there would be something from after I did a ritual involving 6 weeks worth of menstrual blood (yes 6 continuous weeks not spaced out at all) to lead Thurswolves to me and impregnate me with their ebil babies. Now you can all see I am a bit of a crazy biatch but I’m pr srs ab that ulfhednar shit…so


Nice altar! I really like the thurisaz by your mirror. And Hela is a force to be reckoned with btw. She’s also a really patient and forgiving teacher, at least in my experience anyway.


I have a Thurisaz tattoo as well, it’s always been my favorite rune Ig because of Gullveig’s looming/lurking in my life? Lol. First time meeting Hela she was like a very feral animal not really like a dog or cat sort of thing? Hard to describe… but her voice was very snarling and she had the vibe of being ready to lunge at me and tear me to shreds any minute. We negotiated something in relation to keeping my older female relatives who are in poor health alive a bit longer in exchange for me destroying parts of myself that she thinks are shameful and disgusting. She really does not like booze or drugs, even weed. Once you get past that stage with her she is as you describe tho. Or maybe I was just really unwoke at the time? Lol. Gullveig had a better attitude with me tho she was much scarier.


Saw your post here and wanted to share this site with you. I recently got this book and have been enjoying it. I think you would too: http://fallofman.eu/myrkthursablot.html


I have some experience in this field, and would be interested.


So, I´m kinda new in norse magick but since I don´t really want to sacrifice any of my necromantic influence from my life, what norse entities should I go to if I wanted to work with death essence?


Hel. But for me it was an initiation thing, which involved Odin and the burial mound and ravens. There is a maiden with mead for every doorway one goes through, whether it be life, death or birth, and death can be a good initiatory place to start, since it’s a reincarnation religion.


Nice, Doesn´t Hel have a counterpart though?


A counterpart to what? The living realm or another pantheon? I think there is a counterpart in the giants kingdom to ones in the aesir, at least the stories are similar. I dont understand Hel that well, I’m trying to get to know her, but they start blending together. I know her as an Earth Goddess, and Nerthus is an Earth goddess aswell, and so it continues.


Hello folks! It’s been awhile hasn’t it? I’ve been devoting some time to my studies of the Norse system and I’ve found some neat things out. This week marks the beginning of Winter Nights. Winter Nights is a special holiday (?) where the Disir and Alfar are blötted to. The disir are female ancestors who watch over the family line and I’ve described the elves in a post above. However, this holiday isn’t just about the Disir and Alfar. It marks the beginning of the Wild Hunt, a terrifying phenomenon when Odhinn rides across the night sky leading a horde of dead warriors, elves, and spectral animals. This ghostly procession attacks mortals and sweeps the unassuming up into the chaos of the horde. Occasionally, the Wild Hunt bestows gifts, especially around Yule. Sorcerers were said to be capable of joining the Wild Hunt, something I’ve done personally. It’s a terrifying and liberating experience to put it lightly. This particular time of year is excellent for both curses and for blessings. Use the time wisely, folks. Hail!


What runes where connected to Odin and Hel?


I’d love to learn more and be involved


Oh damn, I’ve been searching a lot about Wild Hunt but joining? I never thought of that! I am very interested to hear more brother, hail!


@FraterMagni I am interested in dark elves,Loki,his Children and Surt but I was told never to work with Odin or Freya by Lucifer,he said I should never evoke or invoke them,my senses are telling me that Thor,Baldr and Freyr(Brother of Freya) are trustworthy tho…
I would be interested in checking it out tho


@fratermagni I’m unsure if you remember me, but could you pm me?


@H.L.Daniel Odal, Ansuz, Raidho, and Eihwaz are connected to Odhinn. Hagall, Eihwaz, Odal, and Algiz reversed are all runes of Hela. @Jilaiya94 Welcome to the group! Feel free to read, practice, and post to your heart’s content! @Alexander12 I’ll try to find the sources I’ve used in my study but I’m pretty busy until Wednesday preparing for my Winter Nights ceremonies. @Aiden666 My question to you is: why would you just listen to another spirit about them rather than going to them yourself? You never know if a spirit is a good fit for you until you’ve actually contacted them. Odin may seem untrustworthy to some but he definitely has a method to his madness. I trust him completely. He’s the force that led me to magick and the LHP.