"Dark" Norse Magick Study Group


@LilithLachance I’m glad that you’re learning more about the hidden side of the spirituality of the north. The right hand path has had their time but now it’s time to show the true colors of the north. @Atinama I will be working with him in a few days. Working with the Jotünn isn’t really my thing right now. I’ve worked with Thrym a lot though and he’s taught me a great deal.


Hey all! I have an interesting post to share. So today’s post will be about healing. Healing, you say? In a dark Norse study group? Why yes, dear readers. Healing. Because even the darkest of Vitkar or Völvas need some form of healing, be it emotional, spiritual, or physical. Because how else would we be fit to summon hordes of Draugr from the pits of Helheim to do our bidding? Can’t do that when your weak. This particular method of healing dates back to the fifth century and likely older, this incantation is used by Odhinn to heal a horse in the lore. For further reading look into the Merseburg incantations. Here is the incantation: “Sose benrenki, sose bluotrenki, sose lidirenki, ben zi bena, bluot zi bluoda, lid zi gelimida sin!” This incantation translates to: Like bone sprain, so blood sprain, so joint sprain; bone to bone, blood to blood, so they may be mended!


Chanting the incantation and visualizing the healing you desire can deliver startling results. The incantation can be found five minutes into this beautiful Heilung song. https://youtu.be/hNu6FmaUIB0


Literally just started trying to find methods of spiritual healing in a Heathen context over the last couple of days.

I was thinking more along the lines of working through the parts of the soul complex to heal wounds. Something like that.

The fact that you posted this is a total sync.

Thank you.


Something I found after reading @FraterMagni’s post just now. :grin:


Can that be used for any injury? Can it also be used for non injuries? Like illnesses?


I’ve heard that Surtr is very powerful by other magicians and he is on my list of spirits that I should contact, or have reached out to me.


Just from how the incantation is worded I’d say yes, illnesses that are blood born etc… probably so!


@JezebelleMoon May it be of help :grin: @Nengeleth I’m going to be looking into the rest of the Merseburg incantations. Thanks for sharing the video! And I agree. I’ve been using it for anxiety and depression, so if it works for mental illness, it likely will work for any illness.


Today is the 4th of July. The day that us Americans celebrate a bunch of Liberty minded farmers who overcame tyranny. A very left hand path event, if you ask me. So in the spirit of the of the left hand path, I want to share with all of you some gnosis about Odhinn, the All Father. Now the the Thursatru movement, worship of the Thurses, paints Odhinn as a vicious demiurge comparable to the Christian god. I find this actually kind of disappointing as many of these prominent Thursatru sorcerers have been putting out some really interesting and refreshing books and content. It’s disappointing because they aren’t looking at Norse cosmology correctly. They are still using Satanic/Christian glasses to view a far older spiritual system. The Thurses aren’t noble demonic forces opposing an oppressive creator. And Odhinn isn’t some schizophrenic and tyrannical creator god. That’s not to say that the Thurses and Jotünn are evil and vicious beings. They have their reasons for fighting against the Aesir and Vanir and vice versa. I work with all of the varieties of beings within Yggdrasil. There is some knowledge Odhinn can’t give you, and there is some knowledge the Thurses can’t give you. Furthermore, Odhinn could be called a left hand path role model. His sacrifice of himself to himself on Yggdrasil to gain the runes is an example of this. Furthermore, this sacrifice wasn’t some deluded form of altruism but instead an act of self improvement that later on went to benefit mankind, although the goal was originally to ascend and gain more power. In the myths, Odhinn constantly ventures out, often sacrificing life and literal limb, to gain more knowledge and thus gaining more power.


Thanks for sharing this bit of information! I didn’t know some people were against the Norse ways in any way within their own ranks. Hmm guess it is similar to the way Catholics and Protestants fought in Ireland etc… never a dull moment for religious folk. Glad I’m not into any particular at this time. I’d prefer a unified approach to religion if I had my druthers, we all need to unite and be at peace. Fat chance of that in my lifetime.


There are so many different varieties of Norse spirituality each focusing on different families/groups of deities. Asatru, Vanatru, Rokkatru, Thursatru, Odinism, Odalism (they suck), Norse Wicca (they REALLY suck), Norse pantheism, Norse animism (me).


That made my day.

“Northern Tradition Pagans”

There’s a variety just like other groups.


Surtlord of the burning land
Invocation to Surt
by Raven Kaldera

Hail, Master of Muspellheim,

Guardian of the Wand of Light,

Eldest of the elders, first upon the World Tree,

Primal Flame that shines in the dark,

Your soul is of the power that births universes,

Your heart is the power of the fire beneath the earth,

Your flesh is the molten stone pouring forth,

Your hands are the flame that leaps forth,

The smoke of your hair is as dark

As your sight is bright and blinding.

Hail, Master of Muspellheim,

Keeper of the Eternal Flame,

Bringer of the first red light

Into the darkness of Ginnungagap,

Bringer of the first red warmth

Into the frozen cold of Niflheim,

Melter of ice, destroyer of worlds,

Spark of hope that begins life again.

Bless us, Surt the Black, Obsidian Lord,

From birthing coals to funeral pyre.



Are you working with Surtr in a specific way? If so, perhaps all of us who are considering working with him and we can share notes. In fact, I’d love to share notes all the way around (but we need a heads up on what you’re studying first, big boy)


Let’s not rag on Norse Wicca too much. I mean, everybody needs a gateway drug.


I’m studying necromancy and it’s applications within the Norse system at the moment. I’ve used Surtr’s energy in a curse before but that’s about as far as I’ve gone.


Thursian here, very interested. I work closely with Fenrir, Loki, Gullveig and Hela.


Tbh I have started a discord with some friends on the topic of Norse magick but we have an area for dark seidr as well if anyone from here is interested.


Dark Seidr sounds intriguing. Would an Odinic sorcerer be allowed to join and learn? I work with all spirits on Yggdrasil.