"Dark" Norse Magick Study Group


Alright kinsman and kinswomen, I listened to @Alexander12 and finally performed the ritual he described above called the Binding of a Vaetir. I went to the mountains yesterday to finish up some spellwork that I was doing involving charged water magick and at the end of my rituals I decided to perform the Binding of a Vaetir. I sat on a flat stone on the side of a cliff and just watched nature and enjoyed the sound of the wind in the aspen and pine trees. As I sat there I looked up and saw two ravens flying closely above me, their wing flaps easily heard. I knew that this was a sign that I was ready to seek out the Svartalfar that I wanted to commune with. I asked out loud if there were any Svartalfar who were willing to teach me and travel back with me to my home. Several minutes passed by and I began to feel disconcerted. I then felt a cold breeze on my back and saw within my magickal sight a man with long horse like ears, glowing yellow eyes, and dark tan skin. His beard and hair were long and black as charcoal, and his skin was stained with ashes and coal dust. He smiled and revealed a mouthful of sharp teeth. He introduced himself as a dark elf and invited me to work with him. I picked up a flat stone and drew in chalk the symbol from the original post. I asked him to go into it and to teach me in return for offerings. I told him if ever he wanted to return to the mountains I would take him there. He agreed and entered the rock. Since yesterday, this dark elf has been advising me to look into geomancy as well as the powers of physical manifestation of not just spirits, but of objects. Thank you @Alexander12


Hey, i think im a bit late, or maybe off topic, but anyways i was wondering if any of you guys tried to get in touch with Hel. I ve tried a few times but she just wont respond, altho i did get some kind of indications. When i was trying to contact Hel a flash went through my mind and a feminine voice said to take bloodeven animal one will do, mix it with a bit of charcoal but still keep it liquid, crush some bones and mix the two togheter. Thats it, no idea if that should be burned or drank. So i was wondering if any of you have had any interaction with Hel or if what i described above rings a bell??


I am glad to hear that you had this amazing experience my brother. And I am sure this is no coincidence, but after my relationship with the svartalfar I managed to understand how to use a simple form of geomancy to get the most out of a situation whereas previously I could not understand the art of geomancy. The svartalfar didn’t teach me directly or mentioned anything but he bestowed me more gifts than what I had realized at that moment. I hope that you’ll gain valuable knowledge and a wonderful spiritual partner~


I have mastered the rage inducing without drugs… its quite toxic on its own. I use it in many harmful magick and to intimidate opponents… no one ever want to fight after though…


@Alexander12 What else has your Svartalf friend taught you, if you don’t mind sharing? He has a good sense of humor and he almost has a priestly aura, almost like a priest of Odin or a sorcerer. @Mapachtli I’ve been using it as a tool to recover from some trauma and give myself a sense of strength and control again.


Maybe if you like I could have my shadow council… “Attempt” to send you more.


Ahhah I am glad truly, their sense of humour is godly xD. Well I learned a certain trick I’d say and that’s about it because I was not mainly focused on learning anything practical because I had a busy schedule. He taught me how connect astrally physical places with a method akin to imprinting.

Basically you touch a certain spot, the you go somewhere else and do the same. When you want to connect them he connects with you and various sigils appear flashing in my eyes (inside) and then a portal like thing is created. My only use was, while meditating to draw energy from the various connected spots in nature. I am sure there are much more applications than that :wink:


Wow that’s really interesting. The Svartalfar have so much to teach.


Indeed and in peculiar ways as well. They seem quite deceiving but ultimately they teach you a lesson using this manner. They want you to discover the meaning of things and through that understanding evolve and asend throughth their teachings and guidance. Absolutely amazing imo.


I wanted to write a little about how important it is to offer to the gods when they grant your wishes, for instance, tonight it has been raining very heavily. I have been praying to Thor to relieve my community of the drought that has been setting on. Tonight it finally rained after several cloudy and yet dry days. I walked into the rain and Mjolnir pendant in hand, prayed to Thunar (Thor’s earliest recorded name) and thanked Him for the rain. As I prayed and my prayers became louder, the rain became more and more intense and heavy. It was noticeable. It was as if I was speaking to Thor and he was answering, both of us in mutual gratitude. With gratitude, comes connection, with connection, comes power, and with power a bond is forged. On Thursday or should I say, Thorsday, I will blöt to the Thunder God and thank him for the rain. Hail Thör!


A lot of blots and what not, essentially experiencing the gods, is why I really click with paganism.


Same here. It’s why I click with these more nature and spirit based paths. It’s an experience or maybe even a language for communicating with nature and the other world(s).


Alright guys and gals, I’ve begun working with this path again and I have new insights to share. First, the gandr. A gandr is a Norse wand. My gandr has all of the runes on it as well as Odhinn’s name in the runes and my magickal name in the runes. Not all gandrs have the entire runic alphabet and some have no runes at all on them. I’ll post a few examples below. The wood you choose for your gandr is important and looking into th spiritual qualities of the tree is helpful for choosing the gandr that is right for you. I went with apple tree wood and my gandr will be used for both cursing and blessing. An all around energy work gandr. The way I charged my gandr, was to charge each rune on the wand. So I would charge three runes a night on the gandr for eight nights and on the ninth night, I added to it the blessing of Freyja, Odhinn, Frey, Thor, Baldr, the light elves, the dark elves, and the Valkyrie. This makes the wand VERY powerful and the rituals to charge it VERY time consuming.




I’m not exactly on the LHP but I’m still curious about the deities associated with this and being a free thinker I tend to try new things just because you never know when you may find a nugget of truth or useful ideas regardless which path you’re on. I do try to keep an open mind although I admit it makes my path muddier than I’d like and the feeling of fellowship is missing with any path I’ve tried to date with the exception of Druidry. There I always felt I had kin… unlike now. So am I allowed in??


Your wands are exceptionally nice! Any tips on how to fashion my own would be welcome. Thanks.


@Nengeleth Ah those aren’t my wands. I certainly wish they were. And of course you’re allowed in! Hope I help expand your knowledge.


You do, and I don’t care what path someone is on, wisdom and knowledge are never a waste of time, and I like people anyways, variety is spice of life! lol Thank you, @FraterMagni


This thread is very interesting to me.
Although I’m a pantheist and willing to work with any deity or pantheon, the Norse pantheon are the closest to me. My Great Great Great Grandmother was a Spaewife, a woman who excelled in the healing arts as well as being a Seeress. That side of my family is descended from Vikings, so this interests me greatly. I would love to learn more about this other side to my main pantheon.


Is anyone currently working with Surtr?