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I put a drop of blood on each Rune I could not get enough blood going to trace the Runes. Is there a link or site I can reference to for reading assistance like what does i mean if the rune is sideways?


Beware those that claim to be experts on the runes or Norse esotericism and are Wiccan. There seems to be wiccans out there who claim to be “Norse Wiccans”. Wicca and the Norse pantheon go together like water and oil but to each they’re own. I prefer my ancestral spirituality not watered down by the poison of Abrahamic-inspired Gardnerian ethics and philosophy. It’s my belief that the LHP is the true way (at least for those who were dedicated to a spiritual path) of our ancestors. The Way of the Old Heroes and of the Vitkis, Völvas, and Seidhmen and Seidhkhonas.


Exactly -


I can recommend Stephen Flowers for learning galdr, while I don’t agree with some of his methods per se, he gives you information about the runes as well as contextual information you can use to form your own methods.

A lot about bloodletting in rituals specifically targets sacrifice, pain and the act of giving life for the goal you wish to achieve

Edit: I meant to say about the runes *


Thank you.



There’s often an important part of the practice of Norse Sorcery that’s glossed over in media and sometimes even in grimoires and that’s the practice of ancestor veneration. Your deceased relatives and loved ones are your ancestors in a blood line both spiritual and physical, which stretches back as far as the first humans. Your ancestors love you and want to see you happy and successful. They are one of the groups of spirits that have a vested interest in your physical wellbeing and spiritual evolution. Honoring your ancestors was an important part of Norse life which was tragically forbidden during the conversion period. Honoring your ancestors is easy and powerful when done with love for those of your honored dead. Also, keep in mind, that your ancestors aren’t just people whom you were related to. Your deceased relatives certainly count as ancestors but deceased friends count as well. Lighting a candle and offering a glass of water with some burning myrrh incense is an excellent way to honor those who have passed on and now watch over you. Also there are special days when the veil is thin. Try to leave larger offerings of favorite foods and drinks on these days. If you begin to rekindle this connection, your ancestors will become your fiercest protectors, your biggest supporters, and an all in all blessing in your life. If you’ve recently lost someone (as I have), coming to your ancestors for comfort and to honor the one who crossed over, is a great comfort both for you and the recently deceased soul.


I’m late here, but did you ever master beserker rage? I have thoughts for you to provoke it, but if you haven’t already mastered it, it becomes a constant flame.


I have not mastered it yet, sadly.


Do you really want to? Once that flame is lit, it is immensely difficult to manage at first and even after there is slips.


I want to see how far I can push it and see what I can get out of it.


Have you done anything beyond trying to summon it via bad memories?

I can probably get you close to a good level of rage.

From my experience, to go full beserk requires outside influence inflicted upon you.


Anywho, Just curious what you have tried. I know I’m new on the topic, so I don’t mean to jump in with any suggestions.


No worries. Feel free to comment and ask questions to you’re hearts content! We’re all here to learn :grin:


I will admit, I think this is reaching, historically speaking. I think that the berserkers were more of an elite warrior group than a mystery cult. In the few ancient accounts that we have, the way of the beserker isn’t secret (which is a key in a mystery cult), but instead difficult or ‘special’. Think Navy SEALS or Russian Spetznaz.

However, this is splitting hairs, admittedly. :wink:

In the modern age, where traditional beserking is obsolete, a mystery cult around the beserking concept would be totally appropriate. Not something reconstructionist, but taken from the idea of an Odinistic worship (or an Odin/Thor/Freyr trio) for use in our modern times.


Yuh–you know I want sources! :smiley:


One of the things that I have really noticed about the Norse worldview is that EVERYTHING is malleable. The beings from each of the realms all bleed into one another, and human beings are not a separate from that world, but wholly a part of it. We, too, bleed into those other worlds and being of Yggdrasil. It is hard to tell the difference in may ways between an Aesir…Vanir…Jotunn…landwight…alfar…honored dead…Valkyrie…they all bleed into one another and are part of the whole. There are no clear lines at all.

What this tells me is that we are all much more connected than we want to believe. Human beings are not separate in anyway from the otherworld, they are a distinct part of it, we have just moved away from being able to see it in our more modern culture (and in our current culture of being ‘special’, but that is a different discussion). Where is the line between Freyr the Van Prince of the Alfar, the alfar themselves, the honorable male dead, also called alfar, and a living person. Then, if a man’s soul becomes the alfar, and a woman the disir, and the Disir are also Valkyries, and the Freya, Queen of the Valkyries, is also The Dis (singular for disir), where do we draw the line? I love the blurriness of it, even if it is frustrating to our modern, put it in a box perspective.


@Audsynn I would call the Berserkers a totemic mystery cult with military applications. Similar (but not identical), to the Mithras mystery cult in the Roman legions. The Berserkers lived outside the villages and it seemed that isolation was part of their practice. I also suspect that some of them may have been shamans of Seidhmen but I don’t really have any sources to substantiate that outside of the similarities between the word Seidh and Berserk (Seidr meaning to seethe). There was definitely a worship aspect that the Berserkers undertook with each one being more or less dedicated to Odhinn. I think the Berserker cult needs to return now more than ever, as masculinity is being whittled away by politics. The rage could be a way to return to our primal nature and increase our power as men and as humans who have a connection to nature, even the darker side of nature.


berserking refers to unamarmored, yet weaponized combat.
Wolfshirt refers to Elder Huntery, Shamanism.
A Berserker can be created by a Wolfshirt,
by inducing him into a rage-trance.
in regards of the shape-shifting aspect’s of wherewolves - that’s an different section on the board, and has been reseurched.

There’s little reliable sources on Berserkerism, i remember reading a (Christian) religious law-decree against it.
It’s also still practized by today, by people who know how to correctly induce the rage-trance.
I’d say it’s uncommon to appear.
I considered creating the trance in a few test objects.

The Recipe i found felt to unclean in it’s explenations however.
The Recipe was based on toadstool, which had to be dried and conzentrated into alcohol.
I teached a friend of mine the recipe, he didn’t report any workings.

The consumption of the drug i described shouldn’t be tried out, since you don’t have the critical amount and toadstool is lethal at low dosis. i woun’t provide exact numbers, request’s will be ignored. :wink:

Little add, i’d like to give away. :wink:

with kindest apriciation for fraterMagni who brought my attention there. :wink:




It’s possible to induce the rage without drugs. I’ve played with it. And Kaedrich is awesome :metal: