"Dark" Norse Magick Study Group


Tonight while I was relaxing almost to the point of falling asleep, a random image popped up in my mind. This seems quite Norse to me related to Galdrastafir and Runes but then again it could be just my imagination. In any case, I decided to share here the image that I quickly drew (I suck) and see what is your opinion guys, does it ring a bell? Maybe it’s related to something or looks similar to another sigil. If this seems unrelated feel free to delete and ignore. Infinite blessings~


That’s a nice Galdrastafir. I can see the Tiwaz Rune in it. How does it make you feel?


Yea I definitely see Tiwaz. Is it something related to Tyr?


I have been told that Odin may be calling out to me. I have been wanting to make Runes from an aspen tree. my first question - how do I call him… Does he have a Sigil what are the awesome facts… Is there a direction? @ FraterMagni my desire is to face the great Mountain where I see a face-

Now I see their are several different Rune Styles which is most suggested and how do I consecrate them? I want to do this while the Solar Storm is occuring.


Not sure, it gives off a sense of protection and as if someone is hugging me and empowering me, encouraging me to move on and grasp what is in front of me. The sigil was seen as a silver ring to be worn either at the ring finger or middle finger


The Eye of Odin rite by Asbjorn Torvol is probably the best way to initiate yourself into a working relationship with the Allfather. It provides a sigil and step by step ritual instructions. Trust your instincts


How I call Odin is by gazing at his name written in runes from the Elder Futhark (the most used Rune system today) while I vibrate the name “WO-DAN-AZ”. Wodanaz is probably the oldest name we have of Odin. Direction is usually north. To consecrate the runes visualize your intent and chant the galdr of the rune. Do this nine consecutive times. After this is done, trace the runes in your blood.


Have you asked any entities about it?


Beleth??- he made me move my silver ring from my right hand to the left hand - I use it - and touch my face when i call him. Seriously lost my favorite ring for 2 days when I was working with him… and I found it he said left hand.


You’ve probably heard about galdr. Galdr is vocal or sonic magick using god names, words of power, or the names of the runes which serve as gateways of power for various elemental, celestial, and primordial currents of energy. Galdr can be used as its own magick but it also serves as a mode to empower and activate the runes and bindrunes that we carve or draw. The universe vibrates at a certain frequency and my UPG suggests that it likely vibrates at the galdr of all of the runes at once. So if we vibrate the galdr of the runes we are literally calling upon the power of creation itself. The runes have seed sounds which can serve as another gateway but simply vibrating the runic names works just as well. For example, the rune Fehu can be vibrated as “Fffffffeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhuuuuuuu.” The numbers three and nine are sacred within the Norse current and serve as structures. Vibrating the runic galdr nine times for example. If you use the power of the runes in conjunction with galdr you will enter a deep trance and when you come back from the trance, physical reality will be altered in conformity with your will.


I just bought the Norse Mythology book- and I have been seeing 2 Crows for far too long. My genes are part Scottish- etc… so I have always been pulled that way. So I am starting this path today-


Not really, I have to admit I am a bit rusty and tired from everyday activities. Spirits still linger around and respond to my divination. I shall ask and see, although I am not sure how I must go about it. If you have any idea dear brother and want to share I’d be grateful. I all start tomorrow at noon in a nearby ruin site in which I had contact with a Svartalfar


Going to talk to the land spirits about it is a good idea. They’re pretty knowledgeable about magick.


Yeap, wish me luck :wink:


found videos on Galdr - and I did a take on this video - i am just a sprout so the Eye of Odin is freaking me out right now.


You know the galdr is going to be strong because of this


Can’t wait till you explore the other side to Norse magick :slight_smile:


Ok, I don’t remember If I made a post about it here on the forum but I’ll go ahead and describe one of the best for me at least experiences with a ritual involving the invocation and binding of a spirit (Svartalfar in this case). This ritual is not designed by me, I found it on another forum and I will simply outline what I did and my experience with it. In any case, go ahead and try it if you want. The OP called it: “The Binding of a Vættir”

First, you must go on a natural abode, a forest, a lake or something similar. You need to establish a good connection with nature. Usually, for me, it takes up to 20’ - 1 hour. I just sit and breath the air, watching the scenery and relaxing. I then ask from any nature spirit around to hear me and accept me, to guide me in my endeavor, then I make some kind of offering usually juice or fruits. Then I use a pendulum or my claircognizance to confirm that the spirits accept me and guide me and I proceed to find a stone, usually smooth or round.

Then I draw the following bindrune with a red marker upon the stone. (Sorry about my crappy mspaint work)

The next step is to invoke the ancestors (Aesir and Vanir) and any land spirit around there. I use an incantation that goes something like this:

“I call upon the Aesir and Vanir and any spirit that is around this habitat. Hear my call, I come here and call you in peace to assist me with this task. Give your power to this bindrune and help me find my guide so that I may grow under his guidance and knowledge!”

I say that in a clear, calm, and assertive voice. Usually, I ask of some kind of sign that they hear me and that they are indeed beside me. That manifests in a form of wind during a clear day, a sudden change in temp or other signs that I personally interpret as such. After that, I call out to my choice of nature spirit (Sjovaettr, Alfars, Svartalfars, etc). I burn some incense and then a make the second call.

“I call to the (Enter spirit type) who inhabits this land in the name of the Aesir and Vanir! Appear before me and come in peace. I want to make contact with you so I may grow from your wisdom, I humbly summon thee.”

Then I use any method I feel comfortable with to assert that the spirit is in the same space with me, and if it’s friendly or not. Then I proceed by making an offering of sweet sangria wine and state that I want to communicate with it in the shortest way possible and most comfortable for both of us. What happens often is that we communicate psychically with claircognizance or via a pendulum. From there on the rest of the ritual procedure is something we both agree on. I ask politely for the spirit to inhabit the bindrune stone and explain that the symbol is not to trap it but to seal it for a certain period of time. If the spirit agrees I direct it with my hand to the stone and vibrate its name until I feel the presence of the spirit within the stone and the power radiating. I seal the deal saying:

“The pact has been made between you and me, let there be peace. I bind you to your new habitat and I hope I grow stronger and wiser under your guidance.”

That pretty much seals the rite and I keep the stone always on me as a charm and means of communications (Telepathically). And thats it.

As per my experience, I ended up with a Svartalfar, but it was not dark, or disfigured. Instead it was radiating and help me alot with energy work as at the time I was in need of it due to medical and health issues. I grew stronger by the day following the exercises I was given and Even taught me some new rites that I was interested in. The bond is truly awesome and can become intimate (student-teacher like). Great and joyfull exp. As I understood later the appereance was a “trickery”, manipulation of perception, which later the Svartalfar taught me how to use in certain situations so I can appear in the way I wanted to. Anyway thats it, thought it would be good to share.


I’m very very very glad that you shared that here. I might go and try this soon.


I am glad you like it and that you are willing to try it. It’s a wonderful experience if they answer your call. Of course, that depends to the extent of one’s development but even without prior experience, I think this is a fantastic work for anyone to do. I wish you the best~