"Dark" Norse Magick Study Group


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@KingOfHearts616 @Aiden_Crow I’ve been doing some interesting research on the Valkyrie to keep my mind off things. I’ll try and share some interesting stuff later on tonight.


Alrighty, so we’ve all heard the Valkyries. Beautiful winged maidens who resemble Christian angels and act as glorified waitresses in Valhalla. That’s all they are, right? Wrong. The Norse recognized both the beneficial aspects as well as the baneful aspects of the Valkyrie. In the lore, many Valkyrie bear terrifying names (spear shaker, battle tester, etc.) and were seen as agents of fate who decide the destiny of warriors in battle, often choosing their favorites over others. But they weren’t all bad either. They have a pretty good choice in character (most of the time) and when you have won a Valkyries favor and forged that bond, she’ll protect you and accompany you for life and maybe even longer. I’ve come to the conclusion that everyone has a Valkyrie of their own, she is only sleeping, waiting to be awakened by a ritual or by your honorable acts. There are several examples of this in the lore and if anyone wants a source I can provide. So far in the lore, only men have their own Valkyrie but it isn’t a stretch to believe that women also may have Valkyrie companions. The Valkyrie also contain souls who once were human and became one of their number. It isn’t clear to me yet how this happens but I believe that this phenomenon is connected to the Disir (powerful female ancestors who watch over their family members) and possibly the Alfar. It’s becoming more and more clear that to the Norse, the soul becomes very malleable after you die.


To connect with your personal Valkyrie there are many ways but here are the basics of what is required. You will need to be able to enter trance; i.e. TGS. A meditative state works just as well. Shamanic drumming tracks, ear phones, and shamanic journeys are the way I met my Valkyrie. Another way to connect with your personal Valkyrie is to simply evoke her (she will always be female, as she is a feminine force in the occult sense) and speak with her. Odin and Freyja can bring her to your awareness, but have offerings available for any gods that you may work with, and also of course for your Valkyrie. Simply good manners. The appropriate offering for your Valkyrie will be left up to your intuition. Speak respectly to her and thank her for protecting and guiding you all of these years. You may have to awaken her if you are new to magick but if you have some experience she is already awake. You can call on her whenever you wish, through prayers, but most strongly through ritual. Treat her good and she will treat you good. Next up is the higher self within the Norse current, the fylgjä otherwise known as the “fetch” which relates to totemism.


@FraterMagni - I’d also love to be a part of this and learn about Norse magick. I always enjoy reading your interesting posts, btw!


Welcome aboard! I’ve been lacking in the group but I’m planning a real doozy of a post and thank you, made my day :smile:



Thanks @FraterMagni! I can’t wait to read your forthcoming post! Are you Italian btw? Your name sounds it. :slightly_smiling_face:


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Nope haha. German and English. Magni is the name of Thor’s son.


I’m a wanderer of sorts like a gypsy jumping in and out of paths and pantheons. I hope to learn a thing or two from you, because even though Norse mythology is my home base, I’ve never pathworked that deeply. I just connect on the deepest levels with Odin and Freya and I call to them constantly for advice


It’s my home base as well. I’m pretty eclectic but I find myself going back to the Norse system in times of struggle or loss and I’m going to be sticking with it for awhile or at least as long as it takes for my grief to die down. I’d be happy to impart what I do know, and I’d ask you to do the same for the group. Let’s learn together :smile:


If you’re ever interested in having a video discussion with me for YouTube just drop me a PM. :beers:


Ah, didn’t know! Sounds Italian. :slightly_smiling_face:


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Alright it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything substantial in the group. Excuse me for that. I’ve been researching for my book and I’ve come across something that I don’t think receives enough attention. And this my dear norse men and Norse women, is materials for Rune magick. If you are doing a runic row or bind rune to attract something like wealth or happiness to you that must last for a substantial time, you should paint or carve the runes on wood or stone which is more difficult to remove or destroy. If you are going to be cursing someone remotely, you’ll want to use paper. Any work where you won’t be concealing the rune near the person (in their home, yard, on a nearby road that they commute to and from, etc.) should be done remotely with paper. This also applies to love work. If you are concealing the rune you’ll want to use something like stone or wood as your runic medium. Runes for inner work should be left up to the practitioner. And remember, a gift for a gift. This means that the old Norse would pay for the power that the runes gave them. Blood the bindrune or rune row and it will increase the power of the chosen rune(s). Blood can also serve as a link to yourself in a runic spell so remember to cleanse yourself and the area after performing a runic curse that utilizes blood.


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