"Dark" Norse Magick Study Group


That would be potent as hell, speaking as a berserker lol


I’ve been experimenting with accessing the state purposefully and I’ve seen great results in my workout. I’ve been gaining muscle and my recovery time is astounding to me. This state is no joke @KingOfHearts616. I hope to write a grimoire in this and other darker aspects of the Norse current. @Aiden_Crow Berserker magick is hard to pin down for those reasons in my opinion. It’s a mix of possession and shape shifting. Hit the nail on the head.


Oh I know it isn’t it joke. I haven’t tapped it fully yet. I’m learning to transmute the rage.


Same here. I’m having difficulty holding the state and pushing it as far as it can go. I have a feeling that abstaining from sexual activity can help but I don’t have any evidence of that to go on just yet. It’s like a current all in itself.


I have a wellspring of rage seated in my solar plexus at all times.

I syphoned my own supply of rage and gave it to someone to help with baneful shit and the little bit I have them made them want to strangle someone.

For my gift I thank Odin and Fenrir


I’m a naturally laid back person so maybe that’s working against me in this endeavor. I’ve been having to use memories to fuel the beast rage.


It isn’t. I am the same as well brother. It comes easier in time. I have merged with Fenrir and I brawled Odin for his gift of the rage, so those work to my advantage


In the second Anthology of Sorcery there is an article on berserker magick that recommends calling on Bölverk, the darkest aspect of Odin, an already dark god. I’ll call on him tonight before my work out and record my results.


I just knew Odin was the patron of this, so I just traveled to him in Valhalla and brawled him.

I would invite you to look at my solar plexus. He stabbed it after the conclusion of our duel.

But I think what you theorized would work very well.

This is why I pitched my two cents about berserker magick, as to try and help you write about ways brother.


Thank you! I’ll probably include your experiences in the text. I just wish there were more resources available about this.


If you pm me we can discuss it further, if you’d like :slight_smile:


Can I please pm you both about this?






Jörmungandr - I am working with him this morning. I am very interested in this Study group.


Oh, this got me, care to share what type of work? I did some work with Nidhogg and my next stop is Jormungandr.


I’ve spoken to one of Loki’s children… I intend to work with them all


https://youtu.be/xFSrrMaHNe4 down load the free chapter its in there


Trying to experiment with the beast rage and Kundalini. I didnt hit full rage but my entire being feels like I’m being consumed by flames. And pissed off bees. More energy than I’ve ever had running through these asanas. There may be Something to this :thinking:


Sorry for being inactive on the group guys.