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Hi would you know where Hoddmímis holt is located today?
Or is it not a physical place and related to the Yggdrasil; if so what metaphysical philosiphy would have Lif and Lifprasir use to take cover from the winter flood ? . Thanks.


yes one of my favorite books lol. zurvan is a cool dude as well.


kennaz aka le torch that leads you through the darkness uwu aka the black flame

Norse Magic

If anyone ever has that urge to call out to Hel, you should definitely answer that call.

I’ve been working with her for a number of months, maybe over a year now, and she is very Stern, but she is also exceedingly kind.

One thing I have learned about her is that she is very much along the lines of a carrying a death goddess, caring for the souls who have died unfairly, or have died outside of combat.

She’s also a very comforting influence, and she’s come to me a few times whenever I was in extreme despair, and she held out her hand to me and his actually embraced me in the astrals before.

There is nothing malicious about her, but if you have a bargain with her, it will be held to the letter.

That said, working with her has been great, her gifts have been incredible, and her presence is always felt in my home.

Helheim, from what I’ve seen, is a place of rest and recuperation for the next life. The spirits have autonomy to leave when they are ready, and either can stay with her, return for another life, or dissipate into the realm.

However, should you incur her wrath, you should understand that a woman scorned, particularly a giants death goddess, can be harsh in her retribution.

She appears to me as a corpse, half rotted, the rot “flows” around her body and can make parts if her appear ghastly or even skeletal one moment, and then whole and alive the next. Her skin is typically gray, but can take on flesh tones when the opportunity presents itself.

She is particularly fond of deceased infants, as she collects them herself, and holds them close. Honestly, it startled me that a being that can be as cold and callous was so warm regarding babies.
She explained it like this.

I am not a being that gives life, I am a being that takes life. I am grim in my duties, but I am caring in that my realm is made for this. I have never truly been loved, aside from the ones who have found me, like you, to be favorably suited for their purposes, most have shunned me, including my father. However, infants who pass into my realm feel as i have for so long, they feel abandoned, discarded, and as such, i personally comfort them, and keep them safe with me until they can return.

She is a true enigma, but as she is a great as I have seen, I continue my work with her.

To the Goddess Hel. I raise my horn.


What a wonderful post! I need to start working with Her again.


Thank you Hela for reminding me about this she been calling me


I definitely would if I just knew how you know.


Get into a meditative state.

Dismiss Thor
Dismiss Freya
Dismiss Heimdall
Dismiss Odin
Dismiss Tyr

Carve her name in runes before you in the soil.

“Hel, Daughter of Loki, Supreme Goddess of the peaceful dead. I call you to join me, to come to me in peace and respect. I wait, with no ill will, and respect for you and your station. I wait with respect for the dead that you guard.”

Allow the energy of the dead to surround you, and concentrate on her runes.

That is a simple way of calling to her. There are other ways, of course, but this is a simple way to do it.

This was adapted from E.A. Koetting video where he called upon Loki. Watch that vid as a guide.