"Dark" Norse Magick Study Group


From what I see you are very intelligent ,dictionary definition of a cult doesn’t really show real cults because pretty much every religion out there can be described as a cult if you use dictionary definition,using Hassan’s BITE model is the best way to determine if a group is a cult tho


A big cult is still a cult. In the case of catholism for example their cult leader now is jesus :alien: not a physical leader but it is who the thousands i run into try to emulate. Most people just don’t wanna consider the idea of a successful cult that has been around for a few hundred years. Not a pleasant idea i grant you but that is the case.


Leader of Catholicism is Pope,since he can do anything he wants like excommunication,altering Bible etc…BITE model doesn’t care if you are big or small,definitions are wrong,its like they are build for cults to be able to defend themselves


The physical representative may be the pope but the figure of worship the average person considers as the leader of their faith is jesus. Never once have i heard if someone trying ti emulate the pope on any kind of regular basis. I have heard this from people about jesus though.


@Aiden666 This is not a place to discuss Christianity. I don’t think you know very much about the Norse path, so refrain from speaking upon that which you do not know. 1.) Odhinn repeatedly seeks the giants out as a source of wisdom, takes giantesses as lovers (Thor’s biological mother for one), and even let’s some of them live in Valhalla (Loki is Odhinn’s blood brother until Baldr is killed). 2.) Much of what we call Christianity today comes from Norse/Germanic mythology and concepts, albeit twisted. The Christians wanted the Europeans to convert to their religion so they made it more appealing to the Norse. Hell for example isn’t a Hebraic or Aramaic term. It comes from the old Norse “Helheimr”, meaning underworld. When the inferno was written the conversion process was already underway.
If you want to argue further and be rude, I’ll have to contact Lady Eva as this group is intended to help us all learn from each other about the darker and more obscure elements of Norse magick, not to debate on a weak minded desert cult that acts like th Nazi party.


On another subject has anyone here done any work with surtr? I keep gettin concepts that seem to be related to him :thinking: currently pondering his energetic nature through the runes, idea keeps smacking me over the head in mediation so i am doing some digging.

As best i can tell at this point his name is constructed up of sowilo, uruz, raidho and tiwaz. :thinking: still working out dots i got hit with before i go constructing any rituals. But so far it seems related towards the effect of clearing ones path.


I would add Kenaz to the script/Bind even though “C” or “K” are absent from his name. Kenaz is a Rune of fire. From what I know from working with Surtr, he’s adept at destructive magick, either destroying inner obstacles, outer obstacles, or enemies. He can also bestow the power of fire after one has been burned by his fires and gained entry into Muspelheim. He represents the fires of creation and rebirth as well, although creation and rebirth through total destruction.


Loki is the only giant allowed,and only germanic languages like English use the word Hell,latin word is Inferno,and you can find a lot of other words for hell in different languages

Also Surt is cool I don’t know if its true but some people think he is the demon Sorath


Actually there are a few nord’s wife, the norns, Rindr mother to vali, Hyrrokin at baldrs funeral who even the aesir will not take up arms against, and MIMIR (more accurately his living head) from whom odin constantly seeks counsel from.


Just because a belief system has an underworld doesn’t equate it to the Christian hell. The word Hell comes from the word Helheimr which is where the Norse dead go. And the Latin word for hell is actually infernum. Helheimr and Hell are vastly different though. Hell is a place of suffering and Helheim is like a place of rest although some suffering happens in Nastrondr and other halls for the dishonorable.


I agree on that but Hell comes from Helheimr only in english,other languages have other names,and yeah I made a mistake with Latin…
For 100s of years English copied Norse words,they copied days of the week,they copied other words they learned from the Norse,they also copied the word Hell,but Norse Helheimr has little to do with Hell we know today


I’m aware. So I’m ending the argument here.


Hel is a place of rest for those who died outside of battle, not a place of torment.

My goddess has a real thing for rescuing trapped spirits, she does indeed love those spirits, and brings them to Hel for rest.


Not sure if that applies here at least in this instance. From what i know so far Kenaz is related to knowing, ability and authority. I keep getting pulled right back to focusing on his name specifically for insight when i consider other angles since the myths themselves do not actually give alot of details on surtr outside of his mention when introducing Muspelheim and his role in ragnarok far as i am aware of. :man_facepalming: moments like these i wish i had more resources for digging into language.

I got taken on a similar route when i started learning about thor or thunar.

The idea bubbling to mind seems to be along the lines of the of the soul’s(sowilo) power(Uruz) to open one’s path(raidho) to its divinity(tiwaz) :thinking:


That sounds like an excellent start to me! If your instincts tell you to go with his name, then go with it!



Yeah from what i am learning the names if the various entites in the norse tradition are in one way bind runes in themselves that can be chanted as mantra or galdr chants.

For exampe thors older name of thunar is connect to the Thurisaz, Nauthiz and i think Raido runes if i am remembering right. His name is connected to some of the energy work practices i am doing.


Keep the research going. The older names and lesser known names of the gods hold incredible power.


Hey guys, would anyone have any objections to me joining this group?


Of course not! All are welcome :+1: