Dark Night of the Soul :

This is a semi personal post :

Lately I’ve had reason to believe that I am going through what is known as the Dark Night of the Soul. I know that it’s through this that one truly awakens. Since last month I’ve had to face many things, from regret, to feeling lost and even physical problems (which I am to grateful Archangel Raphael for helping me). Heck my anxiety has even come back.

But with this I feel something new coming on. Growth, Maturity and becoming more awakened.
Regardless I will not give up. Just like my Beloved Queen Astarte decended to the Netherworld, died and was reborn (and grew more powerful and wise). I will too (I am obviously not really going to die).

I guess my question is, how long does this last? And how would I know if it’s really this event or not? I knew once I learnt about this that I will face it in my 20s and since my 20th birthday is in a month I can see why it’s happening now.

Also feel free to share your Dark Night experiences, how did you feel during them, the duration and what you learnt from them would be good.

:star2:Love and Light​:star2:
:milky_way:Darkest Blessings​:milky_way:

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Also if anyone else is experiencing this and needs someone to talk to, feel free to inbox me.
The lonely road is best traveled with company :slight_smile:


Interesting, I had a similar discussion with a friend the other day.

Honestly, I’d like to know that too. I looked around on the internet, all I found is descriptions of the DNS. How long it last? Days? Weeks? Months? Years? I got no answer. And the symptoms are a bit too general, someone can have a serious health or even mental issue and think he goes under a DNS.

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I think it depends on the individual. It could be days for some and possibly years for others.

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i am trought the same things recently evene azazel said that i am damned

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It lasts until you reconcile it however long that will be. This will not be the last either but these stages will occur multiple times as you develop and grow. Knowledge of reality comes with a price and the knowledge itself is a burden until you reconcile your state of being with the rest of reality. Though what ways this will manifest I believe is based on individual and the path followed.


Yeah it seems such events are common among all Occlutists. I suppose you have to accept some of the downsides if you want to be an Occlutist.

I think it’s the Universe’s way of helping us grow. In order to truly experience the meaning of Life, you need to accept the ugliness among the Beauty.

Its a good time to cleanse I recommend Hecate on the wanning moon

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For me it lasted for 2 and half years
I’ve always been social and bright kid, but last year of high school i was out of sync, I found my self becoming more and more isolated where I honestly haven’t left my house for a year I would lock myself in my room turn the lights off and just lie on my bed.
I would question everything the more I know the more relived and miserable I became.
My best friend would come visit me every day to make sure I was eating since I lost 20kg in two months
I’ve had suicidal thoughts almost everyday ,but I know that I needed to wake up from something.
I bacame more sensitive to the shit i consume , books that I read ,people i hang out with (lost many friends at that time)
Got rid of my tv and just stopped giving any fucks to society

Will it depends.
time Is illusion just make the most out of it and you’ll look back on those days.

It’s my 19 birthday in few days as well :))
My dark night of the soul was also a time where I did some intance shadow work.
You’ll make it👍🏾

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Wow your experience was intense but in the end you did come out on top🌟

From what I’ve seen, Shadow Work is necessary if you want to retain your sanity.

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