Dark Night of the soul 🤦

It’s power !! It is a true emotional and mental roller coaster. It’s been a year and a half since my spiritual awakening, but it still seems somehow, and the process is really brutal. I wish a lot of strength and love to everyone who goes through it as well. .the best is and what is sometimes really hell is that voice in your head. That voice in my head is really terrible …like EGO trying to survive and it will create an intense fear.
The voice in my head torments me my mind constantly throws at me the spooky and anxious thoughts I fear. The voice in head seemed to start fighting me. .it’s crazy sometimes. If I didn’t know what I was going through, I would probably go to a psychiatrist


You got this. I’m here for you if you need to vent things through!


See it as a test of strength… that’s how I do it.


According to an hermetic school of thought that voice would be the “historical man”, very good indeed.


This can take any length of time to get through even one or two years. My advice is to be patient…with yourself especially. The only way out is through it.

Laugh and have as much as can duro this time.

Also remember you’re never alone.

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Been there. It is really tough. Wish you lots of strength. It’s dark but a very necessary process. You lose a lot of people, a lot of believes, you become reborn. You gain a lot of wisdom in it. Actually make the most of it. Looking back I’m grateful I went through it. You gotta tear down the old.


@K9k Thank You :+1::+1::hugs:
Did you had those intrusive thoughts like brutal mind charter? It was told me that it is defend mechanism of the minf

What do you mean?

@K9k My mind my Ego is fighting and throwing on me disturbing images and thoughts It feels like I am loosing my mind

You can message me. If you want to describe what the images are.