Dark New Tarot Deck

Hey there everyone. (First real post! Woo!) So I’ve been wanting to get into tarot for a long time, and I finally scraped together enough money to buy my first deck. I took a lot of time looking for just the right one to reflect where I am in my practice. I finally settled on the satirical Ritual Abuse Tarot (pictures here). Got it today in the mail and… wow. I can feel it draining my energy, and it sends lingering pain up my arm when I touch the box. Exactly what I was looking for.

Has anyone worked with this deck before? Any general suggestions on how to become well-acquainted with a new deck? I found a spread online for “interviewing” a deck and getting to know it that way. I’m also planning to sleep with it under my pillow and see if it sends messages into my dreams. I’m about 95% sure that Something was channeling through the artist without his knowledge, and I would very much like to meet that Something.


I have to say… I really enjoy the energy that the deck puts off… Really, really enjoy…

As for becoming acquainted with the deck… You could try this method:

Also, this is off-topic, but there is something about you that I feel kindred to… Something I am deeply attracted to. Apologies for my forwardness… I just felt the need to express it.

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Thank you for the video! Do you mind if I PM you? :slight_smile:

If you have PM privileges, feel free to PM me.

Very cool! I love the vibe! I’ve always preferred very artsy and detailed tarot decks myself. I love the Apokalypsis tarot deck, it is so awesome and beautiful! Just be careful about the fact that all the royals on the cards are actual deities and you can end up connecting yourself to one if you’re not careful. I own about four tarot decks myself.