Dark mirror

Hello i’m sorry if this is the wrong place for this question, but here we go.

I have constructed a dark mirror out of an old clock, and black paint, and i tried it today. I relaxed and then used the sigil of Sastan, and asked him for his help in activating my dark sight. I stared at his sigil, and then in the mirror, after a few minutes the mirror was almost completely white, and my vision started to blacken. Every time i blinked i would be brought back, so i tried not to blink, i saw small white flames inside the mirror, and then for a second i saw a tigers face. Also right before this happens the mirror and the space around the mirror started to bend, my mirror is convex, and it started to look like concave.

The entity i saw had an 3 dimensional quality inside the glass, much like those 3d glass hologram, it had no color only like a fog. I only saw him an instant then when i blinked he was gone. I thanked sastan for his help, and asked him to go in peace.

I wanted to ask what you guys think about this, any pointers on how to stop blinking. Does it sound like i’m on the right track, also note i saw many other shapes, but i could not name one, only the tigers face was clear, and also felt shills in my back. Thanks for reading, and thanks for all your help.

I think it sounds like you’re on the right track and should keep going with it. I’ve never worked with Sastan so I’m afraid I can’t give you FB on that, someone else probably will later though.

I’m not sure about the blinking, I blink when scrying or opening a sigil etc., but it doesn’t affect me because I’m not trying not to, if you follow me - it’s not a big deal because it just happens and there’s less of a sense of it being a relief, and I’m also less aware of it.

Years ago I was taught “If your nose itches during the ritual, scratch it!” because sometimes we distract ourselves worse trying to ignore minor discomforts than if we just dealt with them in a natural way. JMO and I’m sure you’ll get other feedback soon.

Sastan looked more orange to me. I was expecting green, but he was and orange tint with yellowish eyes and a huge toothy grin.

I say if you saw something you are on the right track.

Thanks for your comments and thanks Lady Eva for your helpful tips, about not trying to stop scratching your nose, rather scratch your nose without much thought, brilliant :slight_smile:
I will work on relaxing my eyes and stop thinking about blinking.