Dark Matter Hurricane

I spend a great deal of time in the various YouTube rabbit holes, a couple days ago I viewed a series of videos speaking of a hurricane of dark matter blasting through the universe @ 310m/s towards the earth. Some videos say its a few days out, others say its already here.

Aside from the novelty of the obscure science factor, my reason for posting is to see if anyone has been experiencing increased energetic activity over the last few days?

I have personally experienced a large increase in weird shit over the last week, but I have no insight as to if there is any connection to this space weather event. Esp considering that there are way too many other factors in play for me to be able to isolate the exact reason for the increase in activity.

I always view things such as cause and effect as more of a pie chart in my own life as I have alot going on.

Anyway, just put “dark matter hurricane” into your search engine of choice for more info.


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I don’t know, lately they’ve been having trouble proving it exists to affect us at all.
The theorised storm could give them a chance at detecting it, otherwise, it’s just grasping at straws right now.


@MiKu perhaps that’s what they mean? By the 12 days thing?

I vaguely remember that post. Was that on my thread?

It could be related to that too, but this is something else that she told me

It should happen on the 20th

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No hints here? Mikuuuuuuu

That’s my b-day.

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glutton…PM me with the details!!! Don’t hold out!

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I will

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@anon451302 @gluttonfree :rofl: I am not sure! Am keeping count on my journal and posting anything that happens to me…


Lol ok

But, I wanted to do something on New Year’s Day… I didn’t want to die from something like dark matter, I wanted to die in the midst of a ritual.:rofl:

:rofl: it’s ok! My guardians told me you aren’t going to die