Dark gods and dark organisations

The mainstream religions state that the material world is ruled by the Dark Gods. I believe that the people that are very successful in life are either consciously or subconsciously working with the principles of the Dark Gods and Dark Forces.

If thats true these Dark Forces are behind the scenes doing great work and most humans if they think of these Forces at all send Them hate and fear. It would be worthwhile to send Them respect and find a way to gain Their cooperation.

I’ve been looking for Dark Organizations to see which one holds the Greatest truth, here are names of some that I have found…


What do You think? Do You belong to any of these or others? Which ones have You found?
I’ve never heard anyone expand on this basic premise that the Dark Forces hold all the keys to success in material life so if We can gain their cooperation success is assured. Whats Your view?

Does the O.A.A. (ordo ascensum aetyrnalis) have a leader???

The OAA is no longer operating.

oh okay cuz i had a dream where i saw a man and he was from the OAA.

The people from the OAA are still doing their thing, and according to EA in another thread, the Flames / Initiations are still active. But the physical order isn’t operating, like TheWanderingFool says.

okay. this guy was a white male, skinny, mid 30’s or so…about 5’10 who had male pattern baldness, he had facial hair, like if he hadn’t shaved in 2 or 3 days, and he had blue eyes. his eyes were piercing and evil looking. he looked like one of those british bad guys in the movies who will shank you in an ally at 3 o clock in the morning. a shady looking character…

Diane Vera is the founder the of the church of Azazel and “theistic Satanism” isn’t an organization, just a way of thinking and believing. Also from what I’ve read of the sect of the horned god they are more along the lines of atheist or laveyan satanists…

All of those groups are useless

I’d stay away from Joy of Satan, they’re just a small group of Neo-nazi nutjobs. The other groups you listed I don’t have much knowledge of.

IMO the only open dark magical order I’ve come across that I’ve found worthwhile is Dragon Rouge, of which I was a member for about a year. I’ve also started working with the newly-formed Temple of the Ascending Flame and they look promising, though it isn’t really a traditional magical order since and they don’t have any fees or degree structure. I’d definitely check them out as well.

Well - the OAA is not ‘Officially Operating’ however - the Complete Works of EA Koetting recently released suggests and please forgive my interpretation:

During the Discourse and Initiations:

  • a guardian is normally assigned in the first few grades and receipts of the Flames.
  • EA is the one who confers the higher Initiations
  • The Sigil of the SWORN KNIGHTS has to be used - and I imagine logically that that opens the gateway as it is used in the grades to the current and actual guradians who are operating in this - and the way I see it… the whole section implies two things:
  • this is an initiatic form of spiritual advancement
  • the powers confered are an injection of force to push the recipient at lightning speed to a point of perfect absolution and retention of conciousness beyond the grave… well and truly eternal… anchored in this world:

“I’ll Be BACK”… in reality - I never left…
Arnie would be proud.

Temple of the Ascending Flame does look very interesting. Reading their write-ups is like a nice breath of fresh air compared to many ‘LHP’ groups nowadays.

When you reach the flame in which you are assigned a baron your spiritual sight should be opened to the point where you can see and hear entities, then the knight will come to you. Koetting does dictate whether or not you are ready for the higher flames but that is not done in person, it is done by you evoking him using the name archaelus. You basically initiate yourself when you accept the first flame, the rest will not be a problem as this causes a spiritual momentum to be gathered.

I agree with Armed Mage about Dragon Rouge. I was also a member of Dragon Rouge. Their methods are effective. The Temple of the Ascending Flame looks interesting. I will look more into them. Thanks for sharing.
I am also impressed with The Black Court and hope E.A. interviews Somnus Deadwood. http://www.theblackcourt.com/
Also, if you are into Demon Worship (which I am not), you could try out S. Connolly’s group at http://demonolatry.org/
Then of course there is the Church of Satan and Temple of Set but I am not an expert on either.

I am hoping E.A. Gets a group going again in the future.

Good luck!

The nature of the first two flames is to teach devotion. Do the exercises every day or you will find that you’re gaining nothing. The black court is nothing more than fantasy and flashy false relics, they are nothing more than expensive trinkets. Tos and cos are both trash, their methods for magick are based on part hermetics and other groups that weren’t very effective. As Timothy stated a while back the tos has a lifelong devotion to astrology they like to focus on. Basically if you want to gain power just grab koetting’s books and work through them. The tools are already here for you to make yourself into a dark God, you simply aren’t acknowledging their presence. You’ll gain nothing from following these false profits who claim things but never even describe how such acts can be performed.

The Temple of Ascending Flame indeed is seducing!

There’s also a Finnish order called The Star of Azazel, however after snooping around their site and forum they look to be a lot more concerned with philosophy as opposed to ritual and practical spirituality. Ixaxaar recently put out two of their books and admittedly, I passed judgement on them (based on the topics covered and how it was advertised) as being another one of those EVIL-DARKNESS-CHAOS-SATAN groups trapped within the Judeo-Christian paradigm, but after looking into them more they seem like a harmless, studious bunch.

I’m reading through Fosforos right now and so far I really like it. While it’s mostly philosophical in the beginning there is more practical applications towards the end. Johannes Nefastos definitely seems to have a better understanding on the LHP than most other Satanists I’ve seen.

Necromaster, I agree with your statement:
You’ll gain nothing from following these false profits who claim things but never even describe how such acts can be performed.
I have to respectively disagree with your view on the Black Court. I know one of their members and she has done some amazing things with their magic. I have a copy of the Black Scriptures and have received results that made me think there is something there. CoS seems to be a do whatever you want organization (party group) and ToS (from what I could find) seems too philosophical.

OP - Overall Koetting’s teachings will get you what you want or want to become (why else would any if us be here). Unfortunately he no longer has an order. Timothy has stated that there may be another in the future so you may want to start working with the Flames as Necromoaster suggested. That way if Koetting does start an order again, you will be ready for the challenge.

I understand you wanting to join an order and to practice with others that respect Black Magic. I remember someone once told me that the “L” in LHP stood for “Lonely”.

For the sake of clarity, I did want to mention that ALL orders which tend towards eternal Ascent converge at one particular meeting place, which is a transdimensional platform, a literal Temple existing in all planes simultaneously. This Temple is where the Masters meet.

I’ll go over all of this in extreme depth in the Mastering Soul Travel course.

The OAA was not necessarily disbanded so much as its core principles have merged with the Become A Living God movement, which is still in its second or third stages of development, but which will serve as a coordination base for what I’m tentatively calling “The Temple of the Living Gods.”

More to come as Eternity unfolds!

The Temple of the Living Gods has a nice ring to it EA!