Dark Goddess Journal

Hey Guys,
So as a lot of you know, a good portion of my expertise so to speak, lies with working with Dark Goddess Energy. In other words, working with Goddesses like Hekate, Morrigan and her various aspects, Kali, Persephone, Lilith and many others. Here i will document what i can share and some tips, tricks and some advice on working with Dark Goddess Energy and Magic.
Dark Blessings,


Mahakali, The Devourer of Time
Mahakali originally came to me by word of mouth, then began to manifest herself in my life. Since then, a lot has changed for the better, often also yielding lessons to help move forward be it through lessons of heart or witchcraft. She has become a very amazing and sweet ally to have walk with me on my path and has yet to fail me.

Essentially, she is the Hindu Goddess of Death, the Devourer of Time and the concept of Divine Rage personified. If I remember correctly, she an aspect of the Great Mother who killed her husband, Shiva. (dont quote me here. Memory is fuzzy.) A lot of people view her as “evil”, which isn’t true. Good, evil and morality are human concepts and inventions that spirits don’t actually follow. Perception is a very fluid thing and it seems they have morality but in truth, it’s really our biases coming out and being expressed. Granted they all have their own personalities. She has kept me safe and guided me for almost a year or so, if you approach her with respect, she will help you.

A couple nights ago, @Aluriel and I reconnected and began a joint working with Kali through various forms of vocalization, chanting and mantra work to induce change in areas of stagnation and attain wisdom Kali might have had to share.

What could you work on with Mahakali? Actually, a lot. She can help you remove negative spirits as well as your “inner skeletons”. She can show you methods of self cleansing, distance cleansing and protection magic as a whole. IF approached in the right manner, she can help you defeat your enemies. She can help you remove Black Magic and also teach it to you and much more. Her energy is very moving and dynamic, so unless you’re prepared for intense change, think before jumping here.

Colors that are good for working with her are Red, Purple and Black. Sometimes Blue depending on who you ask. Offerings i suggest are Red, blue, black or purple candles, red flowers and red wine if you’re old enough that is.


Also if you can’t get wine, Cranberry juice works too.


Maa Kali didn’t kill her husband lol. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.templepurohit.com/kali-standing-lord-shiva/amp/

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What are her associated herbs/plants?

You said cranberry juice works, I wonder if hibiscus tea would be a proper offering.

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Thank you for correcting me there.


Im not sure about that, actually. I would imagine something earthy scented.

I can ask for you.


Thank you. :slight_smile:


Funny you said hibiscus


Neem leaves (azadirachta indica), limes stitched into a garland. And place it over Maa Kali’s shoulders.


My first though about hibiscus was because as a tea it has a strong taste, but it’s sweet and it has deep red color like wine. Looked like something related to her… and it is!
Very informative site, thank you again.

Hard to get the first one here, but the second is possible.
Thank you too. :slight_smile:


You can buy neem online fresh. Or use oil, powder?


thank you for the info.

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Figured it was good to do considering the Pathworking.

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The problem would be import taxes and stuff.
Oh, if it’s possible to use neem oil then I can purchase here in my city :smiley: already seen it in lots of apothecaries.



Hi there, I’m new here but used to be on the Forum before.

I’m very interested in reading your Dark Goddess Journal especially as I work mainly with Hekate, Lilith and Hel.

I was interested in what you just wrote about Shiva and Kali. Especially as I had a quite prophetic dream about Kali recently. I’ve never “officially” worked with Kali even though years ago I studied Hinduism and Buddhism too.

Kali used to frighten me but now she doesn’t. In my dream I saw the softer side of her that has made her seem so scary to many because of her appearance and correspondences.

I now find her very empowering as a woman to work with especially.

Keep up your great work!




Aww thank you for your kindness :slight_smile:

Im glad you experienced the great mother :slight_smile:

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Hekate, Queen of the Witches
Hekate is a goddess a lot of people know and work with. Anybody can worship her. Anybody can study her. Anybody can give offerings to her. Not everyone can work with her. Why? Simply because she isn’t meant for everyone. It’s no racial thing or anything dumb like that, it’s the fact not everyone can handle what she brings to the table and not everyone is meant to work with everybody. She, like Morrigan, will appear to those she wants to work with. In essence, she chooses who she works with.

Hekate is a Queen of Sorcery, which is denoted by her primary animal totem, the raven, which the bird of death, trickery, prophecy, sorcery and communication. What would that mean? That means she can teach you any form of magick and can be called upon to help you refine or empower your ritual or your skill. She is a Queen of death and the Underworld which means she can help you with Necromancy in all its forms and guide you into your own “Underworld”. Other totems of hers include the owl, serpent, moth, hound, and more.

Interestingly she is the goddess of the Earth, Sea and Sky. (sometimes replaced with Heaven, Hell and Earth, however the functions are all the same.) People prayed to her for protection, childbirth, and somtimes wealth. Sometimes she is referred to as the mother of angels or even the mother of demons.

What can she do for the Sorcerer?

Like I said, literally she can teach you just about anything. Often times you’ll see me say, “If you have Hekate, you don’t need anyone else” I say that because it’s true. She can introduce you to other spirits, teach you any form of magick light or dark, introduce you to the faeries, literally anything you need, she can do for you.

Colors of hers are blue, brown, purple and black. Symbols are keys, torches, skulls and her animals listed above. She can be associated with all four of the basic elements including spirit. Stones are moonstone and hematite. Some use obsidian. Offerings can be hematite, milk, biscuits, broken glass, some people even cook her whole feasts, tealight candles, dragons blood incense, sandalwood incense and more.


@Mephisto Since my dream of Kali recently, I have been studying her a lot more as well as looking at many pictures of her done by many different types of artists from various cultures.

Since then I’ve dreamt of her twice more and Kali seems to be guiding me to help me face some major trauma from my past which my psyche has suppressed.

Kali Ma held up her necklace of heads to me and exclaimed “look at these”! “They didn’t come easily. Now I challenge you to gather your own heads and make your own necklace. Only then will you realise and understand why you had to experience all that you did and that now you can conquer any fear that you choose to by using your greatest strength. Which is your own mind. Now go ahead and do it”!
Then she walked away quickly and disappeared and faded far into the horizon.

I realised of course exactly what she meant. So I’ve since faced many old traumas and “beheaded” them so to speak. So that they no longer hold any more fear or power over me anymore.

In a sense it’s like being reborn and to a degree I am now. My old traumas and fears no longer hold any power over me at all. These experiences have literally changed my life in a very short amount of time.

It’s sad but necessary that I’ve had to make myself harder on some people. Especially when it comes to psychic self defence. As there really are psychic vampires out there. That especially try to prey on people like me.

By people like me, I mean I’m an empath. I can literally feel another’s pain to the point where I hardly watch the news anymore. I can’t stand to see so much suffering out there.

Despite this fact, I’ve learnt over the years to harden up and protect myself far more. I will be doing so even more now because of Kali Ma.

So I know that I have the power within to face any life trauma or stressor that may come my way. I know that I can face time itself and laugh into it’s face and just behead it like Kali Ma does. Without regret nor any remorse.

BTW I might add that these dreams to do with Kali Ma started well before E.A’s video about her recently. The first one happened 4 months ago. Then another one a fortnight later and so on.

That’s why I’m telling my story on here as she has become a Goddess that people on BALG seem to be interested in now. Which is quite wonderful!

It still fascinates me that it took so long for such an amazing and ancient Goddess like Kali Ma to enter into my life. Perhaps I wouldn’t have been ready for her messages when I was young and far more naive?

I think that now I’ve finally had the life experience out in the ordinary world along with the spiritual, to truly understand what she has shown, told me and why.

Many years ago now, I was claimed by the great Goddess Hekate herself. There was no mistaking her call that came in my many dreams, meditations, visions, along with an amazing invocation that I will never forget. Along with many evocations and then learning the Arte of Necromancy according to Hekatean Magick.

Since her first call she became my patron. She gave me the guidance and passion to want to pursue practicing real necromancy without hesitancy or fear. Whereas before that despite my natural spiritual gifts, where sometimes spirits seek me out to communicate, I used to be somewhat apprehensive about it for years until Hekate called to me.

I have been quite a stereotypical devotee of Hekate to a degree. I even used to take my dog to the cemetery with me to practice necromancy. As not only was he my familiar but he was a great guardian too. Nobody could even be in the vicinity without him making me aware of them.

It only ever happened once and I left virtually immediately especially as it was in the early hours of the night. Candles were quickly snuffed out whilst everything else was quickly thrown into my basket and then I left quietly. Without leaving a trace of my practice behind me.

He was the best and most loyal dog ever! However just before last Xmas he left me and this world. He was a very old dog. 15 years old to be exact and I have grieved him far more than some people that I’ve lost.

Anyway my point is that a couple of weeks ago a young female black cat has come into my life. I’ve adopted her and given her a home as she was abondoned by some cruel person out on the streets.

Don’t get me wrong I’ve always loved cats too and have had pet cats over the years as well. However for many, many years my main pet/familiar has always been a dog.

I’ve wondered if it’s because the Cat Goddess from Ancient Egypt, Bastet also known as Bast calling me? Especially as when I was first initiated into Wicca, I was totally into practicing the Egyptian pantheon back then.

I still have various beautiful statues on one of my shelves featuring Isis, Osiris and of course Bastet. Bastet just happens to be my very best and most expensive statue too.

So now I’m beginning to think that with my new black cat, that Bastet has far more significance to me now than before. I am restudying a lot about her and am going to begin working with her far more now too.

I’ve never had a problem with being eclectic in my practice. I even practice Chaos Magick at times too which is awesome! As a huge admirer of A.O.Spare where anything is possible within our psyche and within our practice of magick.

I would be really interested in your opinion @Mephisto and others whom may read this too. That have any ideas, information or your own stories to share about on this topic?

My new cat is a true familiar already because in only a fortnight she is so strongly bonded to me it’s incredible.

Plus she follows me around just like a dog does too. Our old cats years ago never used to do that. So to me she seems to be a truly magickal creature. She especially likes to pad around my altars and shelves yet she never knocks anything over at all.

She seems to have a reverence and a calm elegance. Especially as her bright yellow/green eyes stare out into the abyss. Or so it seems at times, in my ritual room when lit by candlelight only.

The people that know I’m heavily into the occult world and witchcraft have remarked to me. “What more could a Witch want? Than a real black cat to come to into their lives and then choose them as a familiar”! I tend to think that they are actually right.

So I have decided not to get a dog for now. As all Godforms are all knowing beings even though they are so different from us in many ways, but they are also the same too. They understand us and see us through many trials and tribulations that we all go through in this short finite life.

I happen to believe that Hekate is happy for me to have a cat now. Especially as having a cat actually suits my lifestyle far more now than having a dog does.

Anyways that’s probably more than from me for now. I’m interested in reading any comments that you and others may have? On either Kali Ma, Hekate, Familiars, dogs and cats and anything else you would like to add.




@Mephisto I totally agree with you that Dark Goddesses are the best. Especially when it comes to Necromantic Magick along with so many others magickal Artes.

I’ve actually written a lot about my calling to Hekate too within my last reply to you. Even though it starts off with Kali Ma. I didn’t realise it was such a long post until I published it.

Anyway I’ve explained a lot about how so many years ago now that Hekate called me and various experiences that have happened to me within my last reply. Which is quite long so I won’t write it all again. :joy: lol Although I did save it. So I may start my own journal on this forum also perhaps?

However if it weren’t for Hekate, I would’ve never developed my inborn ability to communicate with spirits properly. As Hekate is the true Goddess of the Underworld and Necromancy.

She taught me Hekatean Necromancy, divination, spellcraft, blood rituals and many secrets too.

Hekate has my true admiration forever!

Have a magickal week!



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