Dark energy can be different?

It is interesting that the same depression or disappointment in oneself is also darkness to some extent. But after all, dark magicians work with darkness, I met many dark magicians who were much kinder and more humane than white ones, who were still selfish. So darkness in magic and darkness in people can be different? Or am I confusing the definition of what darkness is in general? I’m a little confused.

Mmm, maybe it is because “dark” magicians usually have their own morals and values, which they have developed on their own. They are not bound by what other people (or religion) tells them is morally righteous or the “correct” way of thinking.

Some religious people, or LHP people, can use their religion as a basis for hatred, bigotry, racism, sexism, homophobia… or even for lesser things, like simply believing they are superior because they follow a moral code that someone else has designed. They justify this based on their own interpretation of their religion or creed, or by what they have been told to believe by other people who share the same religion or strict moral code. (Apologies to anyone who is devoutly religious, I know this is a generalisation, and is not universally applicable.)

On the other hand, people who want to be free of religion and/or rules usually develop their own moral code and their own values, instead of listening and following blindly.

For example, certain religious institutions have been used to cover up a variety of disgusting crimes… but their religion tells them every sin can be forgiven. A lot of “dark” magicians I know would want to severely punish individuals who commit horrendous acts, and they are not bound by LHP or religious “forgive everyone!” and “karma will come back to bite you if you do something bad!” mumbo-jumbo.

Just my humble opinion.