Dark caves

Ive noticed with a few movies like Dracula Untold
And 300. They go into a dark cave and come out transformed.
With Dracula he went in a man and came out a vampire to save his people.
With 300 Xerxes went in a broken man and came out “a god”.
I realize these are movies. But I think it could be symbolic of going into your darkest place/hour whatever and reemerging as the new transformed you.
The god within. Wither it be vampiric or angelic or what have you. It seems one must go through or enter the darkness to find your true strength and power.

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There is always the pain of torn muscle before it regrows into a stronger, harder form.

Caves are transitory locations, places of communion between what was, what is, and what is to become.

They often have powerful spirits within them as well, that can be bargained with or tamed to serve he who is not bound by the limitations of time. For those that are, the physical pieces of caves are a taste of their nature.

They are the more effective version of crossroads.

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Perhaps this explains my avid love of spelunking.

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I really enjoy Platos allegory of the cave.

Plato makes the cave a restricted platform unto which we perceive.

Chained to a wall unable to move we are forced to see the shadows projected on the wall in front of us…from the “free beings” existing behind us that we cannot see.

However he questions if the free beings are just puppets with shadows to resemble a reality or are the shadows from real people existing?

I like to place the idea in my own spectrum of self-awareness. That then emerging from the cave, you have achieved perception after an extended point of introspection.

I have been in a lot of caves…some of them were beautiful but overall I could barely push along with the tight spaces in some passages. It is really a test of will.

I would often dream of tunnels and caves whilst going through personal turmoil and or transformation.

This is all very interesting. And most major religions make reference to your darkest day or hour. But once getting past it you are reborn into your true self.

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The dark night of the soul…

Well for us forest.camping I guess apply .we just need to adapt.most of the persons who go there coming more happy